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[Comments] (2) Happy Times: I must say that being pregnant hasn't been too bad. For the first while I felt a little sick pretty much all the time, but I only threw up once and I clearly lived through it. There were a few bad days (Disneyland with Tyler - everything smelled nasty, and flying home from Utah at 5:00 AM). Then I woke up feeling great a couple weeks ago. I've been really lucky. I asked Mom is she was sick when pregnant with us and she said it wasn't too bad. (Of course, this came from a woman who had thrown up all food for the past 3 years of her life.) Still, hopefully that's something Rachel will inherit also. I am still really tired, but right now I think it's more my busy schedule than my busy baby.

With Jamie in Canada and all the Heritage Creations stuff being shipped to our place, there's been a lot of heavy lifting for me to avoid. If John's home, he has been a good husband about bringing stuff in, but the office closes at 6, so I think I need a little cart.

Jellybean, of course, is no help at all. Doesn't lift a toe, that girl. Lately, her favorite place to sleep is on John's pillow. Can you say "Spoiled"?

Ok, I have a TON to accomplish at work today, so I'd best get back at it.


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