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[Comments] (2) Happy 2007!: Happy to be back to a nice day at work. We had such a fun time with the family in Utah. I sure missed my nieces and nephews, and it was a lot of fun to stay with Logan, Ember, Nebo and Jazzy. I got plenty spoiled with a few new books, DVDs and lotions, and a teensy iPod shuffle. Like I said, spoiled. We also had a baby shower with John's extended family, some Whitneys, and my best Linda. So many cute little pink things! Erin also gave us some of Ember's baby clothes and her baby swing, so we are getting stocked.

For New Year's, John took me to eat at a yummy restaurant at Downtown Disney and bought me (Beet) a very soft Piglet. We drove around doing other baby shopping, and then John put together our crib and made the room so cute with his Pooh stuffed animals (except we don't have Pooh). I can't wait to have a little Baby Beet.

You Know You're an Accountant When: The other day my boss told me to use a staple instead of a paperclip... because it's cheaper.

Withdrawal: Yesterday at work I noticed that, after spending so much time with him, I missed John! Today is a little better, but he is leaving for a 2-day training in LA tonight. And no Jellybean for company either. wah!

[Comments] (2) : This weekend was one of our last few relaxing ones pre-Beet. John has to start putting in long hours until April 15th (or the baby comes...) We got a Costco membership and took a very long walk on the beach.

Also, it is very hot here.

[Comments] (2) The Golden State: Yesterday I met with both our (interim) HR director and my doctor to discuss when and how I can take my maternity leave. Not only am I eligible for FMLA, but California has FOUR other types of leave I can take, two of which are paid. I even have just enough sick time to cover one of the waiting periods. Since all the leave I'm planning to take will be covered by the state, I've decided to take 2 (of the 4 alloted) weeks off before my due date.

I'm not naive enough to think this is free; we pay state disability taxes. But I am smart enough to go back to work after Beet arrives so that I can get the most out of my tax money in the meantime. It may be expensive to live here, but you can't beat getting paid to spend time with your baby! Not every company gives full paid leave like John gets.

Sunshine: It's dark and gloomy outside today, though I'm still wearing a dress and sandals. In fact, I am wearing Aunt Carolyn's green dress, I think the only pre-pregnancy clothing that still fits. I can only wear skirts with sandals because the only maternity tights I could find were $17 and I refused to buy them.

I left work a bit early yesterday and took a nice nap before John got home. I even made dinner; tonight will be the third time this week! Not an amazing feat, I know, but it has proved hard enough the past few months.

[Comments] (2) : Just six more weeks of having my baby safe and quiet inside. "Quiet" is a relative term; just because I can't actually hear her thumping around in there doesn't mean she's not trying to be noisy. She gets the hiccups every few hours now and it has started to keep me awake. Oh well, for all of my complaining, I can't really complain. Being pregnant has been very easy for me (how soon I forgot the one time I did throw up...)

John was sweet enough to take me out for dinner last night. All the salad I could eat!

: Aunt Sandi sent us a blanket she made for the baby. It so cute and just about the softest thing ever. I was teasing John that I was surprised he hadn't stolen it to sleep with yet, as he really likes soft things.

[Comments] (3) : Anne took Rachel and I to dinner last night at Maggiano's. It was very yummy, but I'm afraid I ate way too much yesterday, between that and free lunch at work. Afterwards, we drove Anne up to Gayla's in LA and got home rather late due to construction. Rachel is sleeping in Beet's room on our new air mattress.

I've got to hurry through my work so I can leave. Rachel and I are going up to Bakersfield once I've sent out the checks. Pat and Shannon are throwing me a shower tomorrow, I can't wait to see them and everyone, and it sounds very lovely. John is going to come up Saturday morning, since he has to work all day today. I'm told Jellybean is excited to see us.

[Comments] (1) Baby Shower: Wherein Beet more fully establishes herself in the world.

This weekend Pat and Shannon threw me a lovely shower in Bakersfield. All the girls in the family came, except for Tina who was very sick. Even Aunt Lou and Melissa drove down. Most everyone else was from 2nd ward. As I said, it was very lovely. We had the cutest (and yummiest) Pooh-decorated cake, and little pink chinese take-out containers for favors, and played non-cheesy games and had lunch and pink lemonade.

And I got to open presents! Beet got lots of winnie-the-pooh things (she doesn't know it yet, but she loves Pooh). John had fun putting her new bedding on the crib and hanging up the little mobile. He put Pooh and Tigger all cute in the crib, and hung the Pooh blankets on our blanket stand. I took pictures, maybe John will upload them for me!

We also got lots of fun little outfits and practical things. We actually have some (too big) diapers in the house now, and maybe enough clothes to keep her from being naked. Rachel bought us a chic diaper bag in a non-girly pattern. So basically Shannon and Pat spoiled me as much as possible, with some help from the ward and some friends.

Rachel had to work Saturday night, so John and I went and hung around the bookstore for an hour and a half. We bought a birthday present for Hannah. Then we spent quality time with the pathetic kitties - you would think Rachel never petted them. I only have four weeks of work left!

yay or nay:

Bleh: We had a meeting this morning with our new boss. Luckily Beet was awake and having fun, so that kept me entertained.

Yay: Jamie is coming into town this weekend for CHA. I can't wait to see her, and I am taking 2 days off work to go to the show with her.

Bleh: I am really craving chocolate.

Yay: I sold Andrea a cup-o-soup for 25 cents (they are 95 cents in the vending machine) so I can afford to buy myself some chocolate.

Bleh: complain complain.

Yay: 5 more weeks (ish) until I'm a mommy!

Surprise!: I went with my department to lunch today, thinking it was to complain about things, but turns out it was cause they love me! This does explain why they insisted I pick the place and kept asking me what we were going to order...

Anyway, Maggie got some fun presents. Andrea bought her several adorable outfits, Cheryl got her a Winnie-the-Pooh plastic "book" that plays music and talks and a yellow duckie towel/clothes set ("you're having a girl?" she says), Annie and Victoria gave her a bouncer and a play mat for tummy time. Such fun toys, I can't wait to use them.

Last night Noelle and I went to an Enrichment activity to learn how to give boy haircuts. I learned some good techniques, but John likes his hair too short to use them. Beet was once again spoiled with two little outfits from a lady who can't make it to the shower tomorrow. I think pretty much all we need at this point is clothes. And diapers. And a baby.

Poor Rachel is home stranded today because her car is being fixed. I've talked to her three times, trying to help her find the crockpot, teaching her how to make tortillas, and lamenting the poorness of the tortilla turnout.

[Comments] (2) : Having a fun weekend. Jamie is here and I am going to CHA with her the next two days. Right now we are just relaxing and having a good evening.

Yesterday the ward threw me a little shower. We got lots of cute clothes, including a beautiful sweater knitted by the mom of one of our primary kids. Another lady made us a receiving blanket out of the same fabric as my ducky PJs Mom (Anne) made me (only pink)! And someone embroidered "Princess Chadwick" on some burpcloths. I am really excited to dress Beet in her new church dress and her little green sweater that matches perfectly.

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