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[Comments] (2) Happy 2007!: Happy to be back to a nice day at work. We had such a fun time with the family in Utah. I sure missed my nieces and nephews, and it was a lot of fun to stay with Logan, Ember, Nebo and Jazzy. I got plenty spoiled with a few new books, DVDs and lotions, and a teensy iPod shuffle. Like I said, spoiled. We also had a baby shower with John's extended family, some Whitneys, and my best Linda. So many cute little pink things! Erin also gave us some of Ember's baby clothes and her baby swing, so we are getting stocked.

For New Year's, John took me to eat at a yummy restaurant at Downtown Disney and bought me (Beet) a very soft Piglet. We drove around doing other baby shopping, and then John put together our crib and made the room so cute with his Pooh stuffed animals (except we don't have Pooh). I can't wait to have a little Baby Beet.

You Know You're an Accountant When: The other day my boss told me to use a staple instead of a paperclip... because it's cheaper.


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