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[Comments] (2) : Just six more weeks of having my baby safe and quiet inside. "Quiet" is a relative term; just because I can't actually hear her thumping around in there doesn't mean she's not trying to be noisy. She gets the hiccups every few hours now and it has started to keep me awake. Oh well, for all of my complaining, I can't really complain. Being pregnant has been very easy for me (how soon I forgot the one time I did throw up...)

John was sweet enough to take me out for dinner last night. All the salad I could eat!

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Posted by Kristen at Wed Jan 17 2007 09:32

Yum, where did you go for that? I am looking for good salad places since that is pretty much all I am eating now.

Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 17 2007 11:58

We went to Souplantation, which is the same as Sweet Tomatoes, SouperSalad, Fresh Choice etc. just a salad bar place. I like the salad bar at Sizzler too.

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