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[Comments] (3) : Anne took Rachel and I to dinner last night at Maggiano's. It was very yummy, but I'm afraid I ate way too much yesterday, between that and free lunch at work. Afterwards, we drove Anne up to Gayla's in LA and got home rather late due to construction. Rachel is sleeping in Beet's room on our new air mattress.

I've got to hurry through my work so I can leave. Rachel and I are going up to Bakersfield once I've sent out the checks. Pat and Shannon are throwing me a shower tomorrow, I can't wait to see them and everyone, and it sounds very lovely. John is going to come up Saturday morning, since he has to work all day today. I'm told Jellybean is excited to see us.


Posted by Kristen at Fri Jan 19 2007 10:23

I wish I could have been there to catch up too.

Posted by Susie at Fri Jan 19 2007 11:57

mee too!

Posted by Joe Walch at Mon Jan 22 2007 17:22

Mmmm, Yum yum Magiano's. Glad mom could have been there.

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