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[Comments] (4) : Things have been very busy at work this week so I haven't really had time to update. Monday and Tuesday I spent with Jamie at CHA, checking out all the new scrapbooking goodies and doing free make-and-takes. I didn't make as many things as last year, but maybe I was just more selective, because I like my projects more. Also, Jamie has a friend who works for one of the companies and gave each of us a LOT of freebies - maybe around $150 worth.

I had a lot of fun, I didn't get too tired, and it was nice to get to spend the time with Jamie - I miss seeing her every Sunday!

My three-day work week sped by, and I am sooo ready for the weekend. I only have two more weeks of work left, but I am getting more exhausted by the day. Noelle is throwing me a shower tomorrow, and John and I are planning to go to IKEA to buy a changing table and new bedding (for us).

I had a doctor appointment yesterday (have to start going every week now). The good news is I only gained 2 pounds! The bad news is that I was late because I had to finish Payroll. I have to pay to park in the office's parking lot, so I always look for a spot on the street first. It's a bit of a walk, but it saves me $1.50. Well, as cheap as I am, I also hate being late. Yesterday, I guess I learned what is more important to me, being thrifty, or being on time. What do you think?

: Another fun weekend of getting ready for Beet. We bought some new bedding and a changing table at IKEA. John did an awesome job putting the table together, and arranging our Pooh baskets with things in them. He also took out things we won't be using for a while, so there is room in the closet for me to arrange (play with) her clothes, etc.

Noelle went to Home Depot with me at lunch today. I got a board to make a scrapbooking table with in the other side of the closet. Maybe now I will actually do something creative.

[Comments] (2) 5 Years Ago: It's weird how something that doesn't leave you with something permanent (like a husband) can change your life so much. Mom said I was "grounded" when I got back from Romania. I think I had probably gotten over a lot of things around the time I applied for the program, but I did come home with straightened priorities and a sense of purpose and direction in life. I suppose that's what she meant.

[Comments] (3) Beet's Room: Here is a picture of Beet's crib that John put together, with her cute Winnie-the-Pooh bedding. I should take a picture of her whole cute room, but you're lucky to be getting this much.

[Comments] (5) : A lady at work brought me (Beet) a present this morning. There weren't a lot of people at the coworker shower I had, but people keep bringing me presents at work. This lady was at the shower and is the third person to bring me another present. Are girl things that irresitable? Yesterday in Primary, Matthew was so thrilled to give me a present for the baby (his mom came to the shower). It was so cute to see him all excited about it.

We had a nice pre-Valentine's weekend. John was going to take me to dinner on Saturday, but brought home leftovers from work, so we got Blondies from Applebee's instead. Also went for a walk around the mall to look at shoes for him. If there hadn't been a huge line, I would have redeemed my free 1 pound box of See's John gave me.

Yesterday we had Diana and Josh (and Payton) over for dinner. They are moving to Utah this week. I made lemon-basil pork chops and aspargus with hollandaise and Parkerhouse rolls per Leonard (epitomy of deliciousness, although they took all morning). John and Payton got out piles of toys to be played with. Payton is a great age for most of the toys we have from Tyler.

My last week of work! I barely managed to get out of bed this morning, so I hope it goes by quickly.

Spoiled Susie: I had some beautiful flowers delivered to me at work, with a sweet sweet note. John is very lucky; I think getting flowers every 2 years makes me spoiled.

[Comments] (2) November 22, 1985: Leonard and Mom fly to Hawaii. Leonard beats Mom at Scrabble - twice.

Before you start to think that maybe Mom wasn't exaggerating when she said she hadn't beaten Leonard at Scrabble since he was five, you should know that she proudly wrote about beating him about a year later.

[Comments] (3) Coconut French Toast for 2: Last night I tried a new recipe for John for Valentine's Day and it turned out very yummy!

4 eggs
1/3 c. milk
1/2 t. cinnamon
1/2 t. sugar
4 pieces of bread
1/2 c. flaked coconut

Soak bread in mixture for 1 minute each side. Coat both sides in coconut. Bake on a greased cookie sheet at 475° for 5 minutes each side.

We ate ours with diced mango, raspberries and whipped topping.

: My last day of work! I was very busy today, but things went well and I got most everything done. I bought a glider for our nursery online today, since I won't have internet for a while. I am excited! We like to go in Beet's room and look at her cute stuff, but there is nowhere to sit.

John has to work this weekend (and every other non-Sunday until the baby is born) so I am planning to rest up and do a little shopping and cleaning. Maybe I will even get started on the freezer-filling I plan to do in the next week or so. I am also working on a little present for Rachel's birthday - utilizing my fancy new scrapbook area (plywood propped up on nightstands in the baby's closet...).

It is weird to me that we have food in the fridge that expires after my baby is due! I hope she doesn't show up too late.

[Comments] (1) : I came to the stripmall library by our house for some internet time. I have been trying to be very productive during my first few days off work, and yes, I have been taking lots of naps. Yesterday I went for a very long walk with a couple other girls in the ward. I also made pretzels for the freezer and pink-frosted sugar cookies for my Valentine. Today I am planning to make Jake cookie balls for the freezer.

I'm having better luck with mom's sewing machine today, so I am cranking out quilt pieces. I gave Noelle a lot of the fabric squares I had. I'm planning to make one more quilt, then get rid of the rest. Since mom's sewing machine is so much easier to use than mine, it is going quickly.

Here is an out-of-context Rachel quote for your enjoyment: "the kitty litter is fake ash. and the poo was the dust bunnies"

[Comments] (1) : My contribution to society (the freezer) for today was a batch of Aunt Jeuney's basil pesto, requested by John. Pesto is good because it doesn't take up very much room, but you can get a lot of easy meals out of it. I neglected to put the cheese in, however, and had to scoop it out of the ice cube tray and back into the blender to fix it. Rachel says to blame the Beet. The freezer is pretty much full, but I am hoping to make 2 more batches of pizza dough and some curry sauce. I used the existing curry in the freezer to make dinner for John tonight.

We got the glider I ordered today. Apparently the delivery guy came while I was taking a nap, because when I woke up there was a giant box on the patio by the kitchen. I am not sure how he got it onto the patio, but as it is now pouring rain, I'm not complaining. I moved the box as far out of the rain as I could, and put a towel over it. That will have to do until John gets home.

I also got a package with awesome presents from Aunt Anne and Kristen. I am so thrilled! I know Leonard disapproves, but Kristen also sent me a pair of Lily's ruffle-butt tights.

Yesterday I sewed all morning and made all the 9-squares for the quilt I am working on. Except, and no one related to Aunt Margaret should ever say this, I don't have enough fabric. I need 19 more little squares. I'll have to take some back from Noelle, or buy a 1/4 yard remnant or something. I should be able to finish this before the baby comes!

I am going visit teaching in half an hour. I should wear real shoes, since it's raining, so I'd better start getting them on.

Actual Pesto Recipe: Here is Aunt Jeuney's actual recipe for pesto:

2 c. fresh basil
1/4-1/2 c. olive oil
3/4 c. grated parmesan cheese
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2-3/4 c. pine nuts
1 t. lemon juice
1/2 t. salt

Grate parmesan cheese. Wash basil and trim off large stems. Put minced garlic, salt and pine nuts in food processor. Process a little to break up the nuts. Add basil and lemon juice. Process thoroughly to fine consistency, adding a little of the oil as you go. Add grated cheese and process until well combined. Store pesto in glass jar in the refrigerator, adding a layer of olive oil to the top to keep it from turning dark. Or spoon pesto into ice cube trays, cover with plastic wrap, and freeze. When frozen, remove pesto cubes and put in zip-loc freezer bag and store in freezer.

For more information, see my fake recipe, Leonard's Pesto Myths and Facts, or my recipe for Pesto Cream Sauce.

I have previously used spinach instead of basil, and as there was no parmesan cheese to be found in the grocery store, I used Asiago this time. Also, I've never used pine nuts because they are ridiculously expensive; I've always substituted walnuts. I still don't have a food processor, and I've still been making this in the blender and it is still difficult. Yesterday's batch made about 1 cup, or 16 one-tablespoon ice cube servings.

[Comments] (3) : I've already accomplished everything on my list today. I vaccuumed, I made two batches of pizza dough (poor little Rachel begged for some also) and I emailed two months worth of hymns to the program lady and the substitute organist. Now I'm going to make a trip to Jo-Ann's so I can finish my quilt.

John was told to take tomorrow off, so he will be home to keep me and Beet company. For all the planning and preparing one does for a new baby, ir's a bit annoying, really, that she can show up whenever she feels like it. You can only plan so much!

[Comments] (1) Coupon Clipper: John somehow got signed up for a trial subscription to the LA Times. I was annoyed at first because we don't really read it and *the poor trees*. But apparently we also get the Sunday edition, with coupons! I've already saved $3.50 because Vons is doubling coupons right now. Coupons are worth taking extra recycling, especially since there are always diaper coupons.

John stayed home from work this morning, to go to the doctor with me, so I haven't done much else. We went to Target and for a walk and had lunch at McDonald's. I went to the grocery store after he went to work. Now I need a nap, then perhaps I'll get some work done on my quilt. I've pieced everything together, it just needs to be tied and then hand-sewn on two edges.

[Comments] (1) Due Date Eve: I spent the morning sitting in my glider tying my quilt and listening to my iPod. I got about halfway done. I also did a load of laundry, took a bath, and read some of my dad's journal writing. And I painted my toenails. This was quite difficult, but Rachel is not here to do it for me, and it makes me feel better to see pretty pink toes on my fat feet.

We have taken Alyson's advice and planned fun things to do every day for the next week or so. Poor John has to do something fun with me after a long hard day at work. I am going to make a yummy dinner tonight.

: John came home to spend lunch with me today. We went to BoBa Smoothie for our something-to-look-forward-to and went for a little walk.

I also went to the local scrapbook store for the first time today. Maybe I am just spoiled from working with CC but it was very lame. I bought the three pieces of cardstock I went in for.

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