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[Comments] (1) Coupon Clipper: John somehow got signed up for a trial subscription to the LA Times. I was annoyed at first because we don't really read it and *the poor trees*. But apparently we also get the Sunday edition, with coupons! I've already saved $3.50 because Vons is doubling coupons right now. Coupons are worth taking extra recycling, especially since there are always diaper coupons.

John stayed home from work this morning, to go to the doctor with me, so I haven't done much else. We went to Target and for a walk and had lunch at McDonald's. I went to the grocery store after he went to work. Now I need a nap, then perhaps I'll get some work done on my quilt. I've pieced everything together, it just needs to be tied and then hand-sewn on two edges.


Posted by Rachel at Tue Feb 27 2007 13:39

I saw a commercial for some new body oil wash or something and it said get free samples online and I thought I would be like you and do it... only now I can't remember the name of the product!

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