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: The other day I noticed Beet jumping at a loud noise for the first time. I was playing Boggle by myself and I shook up the letter dice right in front of my tummy. Don't go feeling sorry for her - she kept me up all night. First she was wiggling like crazy, then worrying me because she stopped wiggling!

: I took Beet to the hospital for a nonstress test since she is overdue. It took forever - she was moving around the whole time so they couldn't get a resting heartrate. Wild Child, the nurse called her. She is perfectly fine and I have to go back on Monday. I hope to be at the hospital again before that!

John and I went to Corner Bakery for dinner. Our gift card had $15 more than we thought on it. We also went to See's to get his pound of chocolates (we ate mine already). Poor John is tired of working long hard hours and being underappreciated. I'd better go give him a footrub.

[Comments] (1) John's Always Right: I went for a walk to 7-eleven today to buy some Flaming Hot Cheetos. John says, "I don't think that's what they mean by 'spicy food'."

[Comments] (2) Too Healthy: Took Beet to the hospital again today. They didn't even do an ultrasound because her fluid level was so good last time. I didn't have to stay as long this time, and I brought John's Sudoku book, so it wasn't as boring. Luckily, since I didn't get a room with an ocean view. The nurse was more personable and helpful than my doctor has ever been. 5 days after my baby is due is probably a little late to decide I don't like my doctor. She (the nurse) said she was sorry she couldn't send me down to the labor unit. I think an overdue pregnant woman is the only sane person who wishes she were in pain.

On Saturday John and I ran errands and went for a lovely walk at Crystal Cove State Park. We got to look in the tidepools and see little creatures. John bought me the comfiest pants at Costco. They were 1/3 the price of the ugly, less comfy ones at Target.

I finished my quilt today. I also finished the sewing part of the Beet announcements I am making, so now I can put my sewing machine away. This is the first time I've ever used my machine on paper; I'm sure Mom is turning in her grave.

: This afternoon I walked with my friend and her two kids to the farm. The pigs had all just had piglets in the past month, some just born yesterday and so cute! We had a nice long walk. It makes me feel very special that her two-year-old remembers my name. I think sometimes kids remember my name easily because it is so fun to say.

The mailman brought my first disability check. As one girl in the ward said, maternity leave is the best job ever - paid to do "nothing".

[Comments] (6) Good news!!: Baby beet was born this morning at 1:44, weighing 7 lbs 4 onces. Mother & baby are both doing well and the consensus seems to be she is the most adorable baby ever.


[Comments] (2) Home: Our little family is home from the hospital and all settled in.

Margaret Susan was born in the wee hours of March 9th. She is a long skinny thing with lots of dark hair, a good sucking reflex and a great deal of charm.

I ended up being induced a day early because the little one stopped moving around and responding very well. Labor was very slow at first, but picked up quickly and seemed to go by really quickly overall. I only had to push for an hour, including the time I spent not pushing because the doctor wasn't there yet, and she kind of *popped* out, startling everyone. I did get an epidural, which I recommend. I should have gotten it earlier, but I thought I wouldn't be able to feel anything, so I put it off and got other drugs which made me sick.

Rachel has been very helpful (She just walked in with my prescription painkillers, so I have to be nice to her). She was there when Beet was born and stayed two nights at the hospital with me so John could get a few last nights of good sleep. She knows all about labor, childbirth and nursing now, so she will be an expert when she gets to have her own.

John is, as I suspected, the world's cutest daddy. He snuggles his little Maggie, calls her "sweetest", and sings cute little made-up songs to her. It is so precious to see how much he loves his little princess.

: My little baby is already 4 days old! We have survived two nights at home, but she is a very good baby so far. It isn't too hard to feed her, and she only cries when she is hungry or naked. The rest of the time is sleep, sleep, sleep and stare lovingly at her daddy.

Rachel and I both think Maggie looks like her great-grandma Rosalie. She possibly has a little squished Benson big toe.

[Comments] (2) Little Family: It has been really nice to just have the three of us home learning how to be a family. No stress and no pressure with John off work for two weeks. It felt like the whole day was shot yesterday when we went to the pediatrician, so it's nice to do nothing. I am just snuggling here with my little Maggie while her daddy runs errands. The Relief Society President came over last night and I asked if we could have dinners brought. We are both so tired from all the late night snuggles.

As nice as it has been to get to know our new family, we are very excited to have Alyson come help next week and Mom the week after.

Family Resemblance: We got out my baby book last night to see if Maggie looks like baby Susie did. She looks much more like a baby Rachel. Before you think it's her hair, you should know that Rachel had very blonde hair when she was young,

: Alyson made it here safely and has been a lot of good company and help. Rachel just got here also on her way to visit Leonard and Sumana in NYC.

John was so sweet last night and snuck Maggie out of the bedroom in the middle of the night to feed her so I could sleep. What a wonderful husband. He isn't a good napper so he hasn't gotten a lot of sleep lately. Not that I have been taking naps.

John and I got to open all the Amazon packages that have arrived for Alyson over the last few days. The Mollies wanted to give us a gift that Mom would be proud of and they did an excellent job - They gave us a collection of their favorite children's books, to build up a little library for Maggie. We also got some adorable Winnie-the-Pooh bookplates for them. How thoughtful; I'm sure Mom would be happy. She always gave books at baby showers.

Ahh, Freedom: Although I enjoy the longer blocks of sleep we've been getting at night, it seems as though Maggie nurses constantly during the day. She is sleeping now, for at least a little while.

Aly has been waiting on us hand and foot (if you know how she is). Maggie has been sleeping with her, so even though I have to get up and feed her, we've been sleeping better without worrying about baby noises. Not to mention all the delicious and healthy food in our house.

Hmm, I spoke too soon - we are hungry again!!

: John had to go back to work today. Luckily he didn't have to work very late and it's already the weekend. We had Grandma for company today (and to watch Maggie while I took a nice long nap). With John back at work it seems like things have really slowed down, almost normal. Susan will be here until Wednesday, then Rachel will be visiting for a few days. After that I will be on my own!

[Comments] (1) : Susan watched Maggie for us so John and I could go to church. While we were gone she also made my favorite comfort foods - pork au jus sandwiches and Potatoes!

My baby girl is getting chipmunk cheeks. At least we know she is eating well.

Turtle Beet: I love when Maggie stretches out her little neck. I can't see it most of the time so it makes her look like a little turtle.

[Comments] (1) Dr. Pivko Had a Picnic: Where is Dr. Pivko?

Yes. We had a song about our pediatrician. This fact alone made me concerned about finding the right doctor for Maggie. Apparently this is very important to a child, and I didn't want to screw it up (although we are moving in a few months anyway). I ended up picking someone on recommendation of two girls in the ward who didn't even use her. Luckily, she is wonderful. After she checked Maggie in the hospital John said, "she really wants to be our doctor." He didn't realize she was our doctor.

Other pediatric memories - Rachel crying when the rest of us got shots. Little Sympathetic Rachel.

[Comments] (2) Futile: This morning, during the 3 hours I spent trying to get Maggie to go back to sleep so I could take a nap, I made a to do list. The role of to do lists in my life is twofold; First, to help me remember things (I will forget); and second, to make me feel like I've accomplished something. Since I clearly couldn't accomplish anything this morning (more because I was tired than because Maggie was awake), I made do with making a list.

John says not to worry about stuff getting done, but I did a few little things today, including taking and posting pictures of Maggie's baby announcements in my scrapbook gallery. Well maybe that was all I did, my list is in the other room.

When John's alarm went off this morning, I found him snuggling on the couch with a quilt and a baby who was, it turns out, not hungry but cold.

I'm getting very good at typing wirh one hand.

[Comments] (2) Alas, Poor Jelly: Jellybean had to be put to sleep today. She had fluid in her lungs and was having heart failure. This is sad because we love her and because, with Tonks missing, Rachel is all alone and very upset. However, Jelly was very old and now she doesn't have to live in an apartment with a screaming baby.

Mom got Jellybean in June of 1992, so she was just about 15 years old, pretty old for a tiny kitty. The poor thing was just heartbroken when Mom died - I think she took it the worst. Now our little Jealous Queen is resting in the eternal sunbath in the sky.

Update: Tonks the Wanderer has returned.

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