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[Comments] (2) Home: Our little family is home from the hospital and all settled in.

Margaret Susan was born in the wee hours of March 9th. She is a long skinny thing with lots of dark hair, a good sucking reflex and a great deal of charm.

I ended up being induced a day early because the little one stopped moving around and responding very well. Labor was very slow at first, but picked up quickly and seemed to go by really quickly overall. I only had to push for an hour, including the time I spent not pushing because the doctor wasn't there yet, and she kind of *popped* out, startling everyone. I did get an epidural, which I recommend. I should have gotten it earlier, but I thought I wouldn't be able to feel anything, so I put it off and got other drugs which made me sick.

Rachel has been very helpful (She just walked in with my prescription painkillers, so I have to be nice to her). She was there when Beet was born and stayed two nights at the hospital with me so John could get a few last nights of good sleep. She knows all about labor, childbirth and nursing now, so she will be an expert when she gets to have her own.

John is, as I suspected, the world's cutest daddy. He snuggles his little Maggie, calls her "sweetest", and sings cute little made-up songs to her. It is so precious to see how much he loves his little princess.

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Posted by Kristen at Mon Mar 12 2007 07:24

I saw that dark hair, it is precious. I think she looks like John. At least the head shape and the nose. They change so much in the first couple months though you never know. How nice that you got to have Rachel with you in the room.

Posted by John at Mon Mar 12 2007 12:37

She looks a lot like my first baby picture. I had dark hair and my hands were up at my face (she loves that). Unfortunately, the pic is in UT so I'll have to find it at a later date.

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