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[Comments] (2) Little Family: It has been really nice to just have the three of us home learning how to be a family. No stress and no pressure with John off work for two weeks. It felt like the whole day was shot yesterday when we went to the pediatrician, so it's nice to do nothing. I am just snuggling here with my little Maggie while her daddy runs errands. The Relief Society President came over last night and I asked if we could have dinners brought. We are both so tired from all the late night snuggles.

As nice as it has been to get to know our new family, we are very excited to have Alyson come help next week and Mom the week after.


Posted by Kristen at Thu Mar 15 2007 12:19

I can't believe how much you had to push. No wonder she had her hands up...since it took that long. I am glad everything came out ok. It seems like everyone has a story about a Dr not being there for the delivery. That bugs me so bad...it isn't anyone else's job but theirs and you would think they would get it right. I've heard of so many people having to "hold their baby in". Good thing you weren't doing it natural.

Posted by John at Thu Mar 15 2007 16:56

The nurse said pushing can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3.5 hours. So we thought an hour was pretty good. It went by so fast, and you only push every 4 minutes during contractions.

That, and my wife is tough. The nurses couldn't believe how long she waited before getting the meds.

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