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[Comments] (1) : I've started going for walks with another new mommy in the ward. We went to the Back Bay on Friday and she complained about how little her husband helps with the baby (he doesn't know she feels this way, she says; he thinks he is helpful). She said he will hardly get up with the baby even when she begs, even during the two weeks he took off work. I am so lucky!

John gets up every night for Maggie's second feeding, even though he has to go to work. Half the time he ends up sleeping with her on the couch. Today she didn't wake up until 6:30 and he stayed up with her. I got to sleep until 10:00, when she was hungry again anyway. Also, when I fed her before going to bed and at 2:30, I got her fed and put down in just 1/2 hour. I can handle 1/2 hour.

I love having John home on the weekends. We get to take Maggie for walks together, and I feel like I actually get some things done. Yesterday we even cleaned the house while she slept. Friday was the first day of parenthood that the bed didn't get made - we made it four weeks!

Speaking of what an awesome husband I have, he made a fun Easter hunt for me while I was at Target yesterday. I had fun finding the presents he bought for both of us, and lots of candy. John is good at hiding things - and at picking out fun presents.


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