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Salade du Jour: Inspired by Alyson and motivated by a large amount of semi-free time and John liking when I try new recipes, I made a fancy grocery list and planned some meals yesterday. When John got home from work, I went to the store and spent lots of money. I really didn't plan very many things, but it will be better than nothing.

I made myself a salad ahead of time for lunch today. Shake 1/2 diced green apple with 2 T. ranch dressing. Add 2 c. spinach on top, 1/4 c. cubed cheddar cheese, and 1/4 c. chopped walnuts. I had a recipe, but the apples mixed with the dressing was the only part I followed. All the other ingredients were either too expensive or I couldn't find them at the different store I went to. Anyway, it was yummy my way, and you could add whatever you wanted, and the dressing keeping the apples fresh and the apples keeping the dressing from getting the salad soggy is the key to the recipe anyway. The recipe has variations that include using tomato wedges in place of the apple, if you don't like fruit in your salads.

Sneaky Paws 2: I took Maggie for a walk to the park across the street just now. I hadn't taken Maggie across the street before because there's no crosswalk/light, but both times I got to the street there were no cars at all, so I crossed. I thought I could hold her on the swings, but this park is rather lame and has no swings. Anyway, two families were there playing on the playground and with their dogs. When I walked through the park on the way home, one of the dogs started following me. He thought he was being stealthy: every time I turned around he would stop. He even hid behind a tree!

Also, when I was changing her diaper, Maggie managed to grab a handful of her hair. I couldn't believe she wasn't screaming as I tried to get her to let go. I think her hair is coming in much lighter.


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