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[No comments] Sneaky Paws 2: I took Maggie for a walk to the park across the street just now. I hadn't taken Maggie across the street before because there's no crosswalk/light, but both times I got to the street there were no cars at all, so I crossed. I thought I could hold her on the swings, but this park is rather lame and has no swings. Anyway, two families were there playing on the playground and with their dogs. When I walked through the park on the way home, one of the dogs started following me. He thought he was being stealthy: every time I turned around he would stop. He even hid behind a tree!

Also, when I was changing her diaper, Maggie managed to grab a handful of her hair. I couldn't believe she wasn't screaming as I tried to get her to let go. I think her hair is coming in much lighter.

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