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[Comments] (2) Burrito Filling: The last two nights, instead of kicking the covers off, Beet has been scooting herself out of her cocoon, leaving behind a little burrito shell. It is cold so I'm hoping she just does it in her waking moments before we hear her.

She is getting immunizations today. I hope my heart can take it. John wanted me to go to work for him, but I reminded him of what my job entails today. He said he would take her to get ice cream instead. So he is at work. Poor Beet - and no little sister to cry for her!

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Posted by Susan at Fri Apr 20 2007 07:47

She has her mother to cry for her and she will do fine. Even her Grandma will cry for her if it'll help.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Apr 20 2007 12:15

How cute! Burrito shell, that is heh!

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