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[Comments] (2) She is Out of Mascara:
Susie:I almost called you today because you went to get cheetos two days ago and never came back. noone had seen an eyelash of you since.
Rachel: who would have seen my eyelash? tonks?
Rachel (later): I posted an eyelash

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Posted by Rachel at Wed Apr 25 2007 13:50

haha. It's true, I just threw away my old tube today. Though I haven't used it in like a month. So I will have none for the banquet! I wish I had a new one! Posts will be "eyelashes" from now on.

Posted by Susie at Wed Apr 25 2007 14:56

well, I have two tubes here. Apparently we don't even have the other two yet, so that explains why 0 out of 4 got to you. Although the other 2 are coming here too... sorry! You'll just have to visit. =)

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