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[Comments] (2) Outing: I took Maggie to work this morning. She was at her most charming, beautiful best and soaked up all the attention. She was alert, hardly cried at all and beamed adorable smiles at those brave enough to emit babytalk in the workplace. She didn't even spit up, probably because I was prepared and put a bib over her little dress.

I also met with the new HR director, who seems wonderful (and from what I hear, people actually like her).

: Maggie is starting to sort of get into a routine. She generally eats every two hours during the day, which is at least something I can plan around. It also makes it easier for me to tell when she is hungry. She is starting to go a lot longer before her first night feeding. Last night, for example, she fell asleep around 7, I fed her at 9:30 before I went to bed, and she slept until 5:00. I guess that really makes just one night feeding, at least sometimes.

It is a lot easier to be a mommy when I know what to expect during the day. I'm glad she has settled into a little routine.

: Rachel is here working on her thesis. I am taking care of her, by slave driving and food providing.

[Comments] (1) : Poor John is very sick. He hasn't been sick in ages. He slept most of the day yesterday, but made it to work today. He has to get a lot done because of all the exciting things coming up!

We are leaving for Utah on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. We're very excited to see our family and for Maggie to meet everyone. Then, for Memorial Day, Leonard is coming out. Hurray, another Uncle Leonard! We are going to Bakersfield for a nice BBQ with the Richardsons and to show Maggie off to 2nd ward. And just one week after that is the Disneyland party with John's work.

As if that isn't enough excitement, I am going back to work the week after that and John gets to stay home with Princess Snugglebutt. He can't wait.

[Comments] (2) Packing for 3: I got everything ready for our trip to Utah last night, and it is hard to pack for a baby. I got the obvious stuff, clothes and diapers, packed and then kept thinking of tons of things we needed to bring... blankets, bibs, socks, a hat, so many little things that I'm used to being able to just grab. Since there are no other babies in the family, there won't be baby things around if we forget something. We are leaving late tonight and are so excited to see everyone.

I go walking with a friend from the ward and her baby most mornings. It is hot so we've been going to the mall. Today we got See's Candies samples. Also, I gave her all my formula checks and her husband sold them on ebay and gave me the money.

Rachel called me from her first substitute teaching job. Middle School. 12 year olds. Rough life.

[Comments] (1) Bottom's Up: Here is one of the songs I made up to sing to Maggie while I am changing her. To the tune of Particle Man.

Nakey bum, nakey bum
Nakey bum meets diaper bum
They have a fight; diaper wins
Diaper bum

: John and I drove to Utah all night Wednesday night. Bleh. Maggie slept great but John and I less so and we are still recovering. We stopped to suprise Grandma June and she was thrilled. She loved her new little great-grandaughter and didn't want to put her down. Also on the list of those who love Maggie is her grandpa. He held her for 2 hours yesterday, while she alternately slept and laughed at his silly faces. Not on the list is Tyler who is a bit jealous of the lessening of Uncle John's attentions. But even he says, "Baby Maggie is so cute!"

Pretty much everyone around here is feeling awful. John is still recovering from his cold and driving all night. I have an infection with flu-like symptoms. Dad, Jamie and Nathan are moaning about their stomachs, and Tyler, James and Hannah have all been throwing up. We haven't even all been together! We greatly reduced the number of events we're dragging Maggie too, so I think that should help.

[Comments] (1) Happy Mother's Day to Me: This morning while John was holding Maggie and waiting for her bottle to warm up, I went over and looked at her and she burst into a big spontaneous smile just for me! *warm fuzzies*

: We're packing up and getting ready to head home, with a stop at Grandma June's for lunch with Mom and Jamie. Things have been a lot more fun since we stopped taking Beet anywhere. Saturday was her blessing day. She was so darling in the little dress and booties her Aunt Jamie bought her. Everyone was able to make it except Ashley, who was working, and Brook missed the first minute because he was on the phone about a fire. Jon, Sharon, Brynn, Kristan and Sarah were there also. I wish we'd been able to see more of them, but we didn't want to wear Maggie out.

Yesterday we basically spent sitting around talking with Jodi and Franco. We took Maggie for a walk to see their new apartment. Ashley got very sick yesterday, so our family picture was canceled, which meant we went to the Mother's Day hoopla at Grandma June's. When we got back Maggie slept for a couple hours in the arms of her adoring Grandpa, and then for another 8 hours before I woke her up this morning to feed her. She must be sleeping so much out of exhaustion. Let's hope it continues for the remainder of the roadtripping.

: As nice as it is to be home, it is twice as nice to be home after having traveled with a baby. She was a good girl though. We figure she cried for about 1/2 hour total. Baby Girl!

[Comments] (2) : Maggie and I went to the farmer's market at the fairgrounds today. We walked over with a friend in the ward and her kids. I bought some aspargus and artichokes. John got home around 3:30 and worked from home, so we took a nice walk around the neighborhood. For dinner I made a big batch of yummy balls and put half in the freezer. We are catching up on Lost.

[Comments] (1) : Sometimes I can't help but think that Maggie is the most darling girl ever. Like this morning when her cute Daddy was giving her a bottle. She wore a cute dress from Kristen to church yesterday. I wish she didn't have so many cute clothes to choose from. I put a dress on her today (and rufflebutt tights) since I am taking her to the doctor. Now that I'm getting comfortable taking her out getting her dressed up cute won't be such a waste.

[Comments] (2) Book Review: This last week I finished reading some books from Rachel. First, Son of a Witch, a sequel to Wicked. I thought it was a lot better than Wicked. Wicked just provides backstory and another viewpoint to The Wizard of Oz which somewhat limits the plot. I thought Son of a Witch had great character development and the ending was very creative and not too happy-happy, but he accomplished something, which the Wicked Witch of the West had never been able to do.

I also read Falling Angels which is by the same author as Girl with a Pearl Earring, which I have not read, and Lady and the Unicorn which I have. The novels were very similar, which was a little disappointing. I did think this one was an improvement though. It was more interesting and had a little more purpose in the plot.

Now I've started reading Suite Francaise which looks boring and has no cover, so I have no idea what it's about.

Check-Up: Maggie is growing up! Literally. She is still at 50%s for her weight, but shot up to 90 for her height. Tall and skinny, now where did she get that from. Next month she gets 4 more shots and guess who gets to take her? Not me!

[Comments] (2) Uncle Leonard X2: Leonard is coming to meet the Beet on Thursday and we are headed to Bakersfield to spend time with Rachel and for a Richardson shindig. Rachel, Maggie and I are also going to a baby shower for Jennifer (Nations). I bought her the cutest little boy outfit today. I spent an hour at Target picking out stuff.

Youngest Child: Susie: Girls are so drama and spoiled!
Rachel: Not because I'm the youngest!

[Comments] (3) Home Sweet Home: Back from Bakersfield. I think Maggie is almost as glad to be home as I am. It is exhausting enough running everything around a baby's routine when you're at home. Also, she was stuck with kitty hairs. (Rachel has a cute little kitten she is trying to find a home for!) We are not planning to take her anywhere at least until we move.

That aside, we had a fun time. Rachel and I went to a baby shower, and we had a fun party at Garry's on Sunday with Pat, Alan, Shannon, Shaun, Joel, Leah and Eric. Maggie was, of course, adorable and soaked up all the attention. She got some new books and a little outfit and a pair of Robeez shoes (as if Shannon and Pat hadn't spoiled us enough with the lovely shower!) She loved watching Joel and Leah run around, and she is apparently a Nascar fan (Richardson genes!)

We stopped at the Arvin cemetery on the way out of town today. Maggie was a fuss on the way there, and for another 10 minutes of the drive, but once she fell asleep it was smooth sailing, and we didn't even hit any traffic.

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