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: I think Maggie has caught my cold. She kept waking up all night last night. Right now she has some sniffles and a little dry cough, and despite being asleep and very exhausted, has woken up 3 times since we put her to bed. Could be a long night.

We went to dinner with a bunch of other "young couples" at some ward members' tonight. Somehow we kind of ended up sitting by ourselves, and then John spent 45 minutes inside with Maggie asleep on him, but it was still nice to get out and talk with some people. I got to talk to a couple newer girls in the ward. Also, Maggie got stolen and hogged - by a guy!

: I sold my car today. Mom and I got it almost ten years ago. It's lasted ten years, 103,000 miles and been all over the Western States. It was a good little car. I think I may miss it.

[Comments] (1) Car Talk: I washed and vacuumed the Pathfinder the other day, but (despite having left the door open all night) hadn't driven it since. It was a nice surprise getting into a clean car this morning! Also, we had a cracked axle fixed. We spent about half the money I got from selling the Saturn, but it drives sooo much better now! I thought the Pathfinder just had terrible shocks and was trying to shake me off the road. Good thing a tire didn't come flying off while I (or Rachel, or even Mom) was driving.

[Comments] (1) : Maggie was very good for my first day officially home with her. Thanks to John, time, and her growing up, she now goes down for naps in her crib. This makes it a lot easier to get things done during the day. I've started typing up mom's journal. As she would say, "What a job!"

What We Did Today: Play. Nap. Walk with Jen and Conner. Target. Boba for John. Had lunch with John at work. Nap. Play. Sat by the pool watching some kids swim. Walk. Nap. Made dinner. John came home, ate, did the dishes, and is now on baby duty while I work on typing up mom's journal.

I made Southwestern Chicken Salad for dinner. I will post the dressing recipe later. It was yummy.

[Comments] (1) Lime Vinagrette: This is a recipe Alyson made when she came to help after Maggie was born. I made about half and it was a good amount.

 3/4 c. chopped tomator
3/4 c. cilantro
6 T. oil
3 T. cider vinegar (I used white)
1 T. lime zest
2 T. lime juice
3/4 t. salt
3/4 t, cumin
3/4 t. chili powder
3/4 t. pepper
3 garlic cloves, peeled.

Mix in blender. I used it to marinate the chicken, which I grilled on the George Foreman, then as a dressing for the salad (greens, corn, black beans, tomato, green onion, lime juice.)

This Is Me Being Political: I don't think the recycling guys take me seriously. The last time I asked for a receipt the guy ignored me and I finally just left. Yes, I really do want my 50 cents back! Maybe I will have to start saving up items with redemption values. It builds up a lot quicker when the neighbors toss beer cans onto our patio.

I didn't realize I had a "cause" until we were playing one of those games ("If Susie were a cause she would be...") and everyone said recycling. So, I (apparently) have a cause and it's recycling. Recycle: Save a Plastic Tree.

: Yesterday Jen and I took our babies to the free family movie and saw Flushed Away. There were quite a few babies there besides all the kids, but of course it seemed like Conner and Maggie were the only ones who cried. Maggie watched about 1/2 hour of the movie, then fell asleep nursing.

Continuing my search of free/cheap things to do, I went the Newport Beach library (separate and better than OCPL) and discovered they have a Books and Babies class, so I am going to take Maggie next week. Then I walked over to Sur La Table (fancy place for a library, eh?) and bought a knife cover for the fancy knife John bought me for Mother's Day.

Since it was 7-11, 7-Eleven offered free Slurpees so John and I walked down when we got home from work. Guess what? the power was out! We had a cup of melted Slurpee instead. Later, I realized that there is another 7-Eleven a few blocks away we could have gone to. Oh well.

There was a lady from the ward with her three kids at the movie. I should ask her what other free things she knows about. She is a homeschooler and bet she knows them all.

[Comments] (3) : Maggie and I spent the morning at the beach with some people from church. I sat down on a blanket and sat Maggie between my legs.

Girl: How old is she? Me: 4 months. Girl: Wow, four months and she can already sit on her own! Me: Oh, she can't quite - hey, she's sitting on her own!

And so she was. Look, she's doing it right now! I can hardly believe it.

: Maggie and I dropped John off at the airport this morning and now we are all alone. It has not been going well. We both had trouble getting back to sleep (because of her). We made it to the library just in time for the baby story time. It was fun, except that she fell over and bonked her head on the floor and screamed. Afterwards, we went to Fashion Island (I got lost) and walked around, looking in the expensive baby stores. $65 for an infant swimsuit??? Oh yeah, and it sprinkled.

She's napping now. We have big plans for a Target run and to go to the grocery store this afternoon. Since she can sit up I might try putting her in the cart. I'll need to get out my cart-cover-upper.

Update: Maggie did not like the shopping cart. And I have changed 3 dirty diaper s today, two in the car! She was really good at the grocery store, though, and we are having fun.

: Maggie and I just got back from the Santa Ana Zoo. It was quite an effort, but I managed to make our trip last 2 1/2 hours. We visited all the animals twice and each of us had a snack. This zoo had a lot of monkeys, some llamas, an emu and various little critters. The best part was actually the farm because we could get close enough to the animals that I felt Maggie was actually looking at them. They had a "giant" rabbit which was actually very big (large cat sized), pigs, sheep, goats and a parrot that said "cock-a-doodle-doo" (I swear! It certainly wasn't the owl in the cage).

I was disappointed, but not surprised, that the "elephant pavilion" on the map did not house an elephant. In fact, it didn't house an elephant house. It looked like a place where you could ride an elephant, but I don't where they would have gotten or kept an elephant to ride on.

Anyway, the zoo was $6, which was a bargain considering you have to pay $5 to park at the park around here and it was shadier than the park.

: The other day after I took Maggie to the fair John asked her, "Did you have a deep-fried Twinkie? Or did they just deep fry your binky?"

Today Maggie and I went to see Curious George with Elizabeth (from our Primary class). It was a really cute movie. We also went to the mall where the eye doctor convinced me that it's normal for my eyes to hurt when I look at Maggie up close, that he can't do anything about it and that it's not irrational to want to hit people who hold things close to my face.

Also I talked to Mom for over 1 hour. Next time I have nothing to do...

[Comments] (1) :
John: That explains why it wasn't as hot as I remembered it being in DC.
Susie: Because I bought Miracle Whip?
John: Mmm-hmm. Hell was freezing over.

[Comments] (2) : We have not yet received our copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and are consequently avoiding the internet. (Book is now free, thanks a lot Amazon, but would rather have read some this weekend.)

Maggie is still asleep. We must have worn her out this weekend. We celebrated John's birthday simply. We took two nice walks, he got to take a bath, and I made Taco Soup and Eclair Cake.

Maggie was a bit of a brat at church. Last week was a disaster with her and 7 kids, so I tried to send her to Relief Society but she screamed. She screamed when I took her back too. And fussed all during Primary. Luckily John had a very engaging lesson for the kids - they didn't even notice we didn't give them treats.

[Comments] (1) : I took a break from typing Mom's journals to read Harry Potter. I didn't type from Monday morning until Tuesday night... and I missed her! Aside from reading about all the cute things us kids did and said, I am learning fun things to do with my kids and getting motivation for things like housecleaning and sewing. Now and again I rip out a page about someone to send to them, so keep your eyes peeled.

Also I noticed how our parents are doing all kinds of fix-its to sell their house in LA. "The place hasn't looked this good in a long time," she says. We did the same thing after mom died. I hope that I will break this cycle and do fix-its when I am living in my house to enjoy them. I remember thinking how lovely mom's cupboards looked after I had scrubbed them and too bad we hadn't done it for us (partially Gretel's fault).

[Comments] (2) : I took Maggie and a Boba to surprise John at work. One of his surprises fell asleep on the way.

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