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[Comments] (1) Target Rant: I love Target but I am so annoyed at their return policy right now. Yesterday I tried to return something that I had a receipt for, had paid for on my credit card, and was listed as a received item on Maggie's registry and they wouldn't take it back because it had been more than 90 days.

Then they tried to get me to return it on my ID and I said no. They don't even tell you that you can only return two things on your ID per year, and do you really want one of those to be this little thing? Boo.

Rice Cereal Surprise: Yesterday Maggie had a doctor's appointment. The doctor said we can start her on solids anytime. I bought a box of rice cereal at Target (for 50 cents). I think we will wait awhile though. I am thinking of waiting until after our trip to Utah.

I don't really get what the big deal is about feeding her cereal. Both our book and the doctor talked about taking pictures and video taping! Video taping her not eating?

I am realizing the truth of my family never been this easy to feed again. Also, not looking forward to stinkier diapers. Having a baby is complicated enough and she is already growing up too fast. I think we'll wait a bit.

Maggie weighed in at 14 lbs 6 oz, two ounces shy of doubling her birth weight. She'll make it there by 5 months.

[Comments] (2) In Honor of Our 4th Anniversary: Let's talk about how great my husband is.

1. The very most wonderful thing about him (right now) is that he gets up with Maggie in the morning so that I can sleep in. She woke up so early today that she fell asleep again at 8:45.
2. He works super hard at his often frustrating and unappreciative job.
3. He is the world's most awesomest daddy.
4. He plans lots of fun outings for us.
5. He's put up with me for 4 years.
6. He's really cute!

We went to the fair last night with free tickets someone gave us (fairground neighbors get 20 free tickets for the noise, traffic and general bother.) We still had to pay to park, and we also bought corndogs and a funnel cake. We were there less than two hours. Maggie enjoyed the nice walk around and people watching and we enjoyed looking at the fine art. We are going out later this week for our anniversary sans Maggie as well.

Fondue for Two: Last night John and I celebrated our anniversary at The Melting Pot. Maggie got babysat by a couple in the ward with two little boys and had the best time.

We enjoyed our yummy fondue meal, but it was very expensive and now that we've done it I don't think we'll go back. We especially enjoyed the dessert fondue. The waiter told us how to make the cookie and/or graham cracker crumb covered marshmallows (just dip the marshmallows in water), so now we can just do that at home. We were thinking what a fun FHE activity that would be to do with young kids.

Ha Ha: Yesterday I was feeding Maggie and a cat walked in. How did a cat get into my apartment, you ask? Well, duh, it walked in the front door.

Also, apparently we didn't get three free fair tickets, we got two tickets and a parking pass. I could barely tell it was a parking pass even after the guy told me I gave it to a guy waiting to park, walked back to my car a few blocks away and went home.

[Comments] (1) Slurp: Little Maggie drank from a cup at lunch today. I've given her water from a cup a few times at home, just a little sip at a time. We were having lunch with some of my former coworkers and she drank drank drank from a cup of water without spilling any. Such a big girl!

: I called the police on a domestic disturbance last night. I thought it took the operator a long time to answer the phone.

[Comments] (1) Movie Review from a 7 year old: The other day I took Maggie and Elizabeth to see Happy Feet. I missed the last ten minutes because I couldn't find anywhere to change Maggie. (Can you believe that? I finally just did it on the floor in the hallway, and that's what I've done at that theatre since.) When I left, the penguin was dancing in the zoo and when I came back he was walking back into his community in the Arctic, The End. What the? So I asked Elizabeth what I missed.

"A guy was dancing and he fell. It was so funny!" Okay... Still not sure on the ending.

Last Week: I went to a movie and Chuck E. Cheese with a bunch of kids from Primary (and parents). Maggie and I went to the OC Zoo and Irvine Park. This zoo was only $2, but we had to pay $3 to park. The park was very lovely and between the two times we went through the zoo we got great views of a black bear, llama, raccoon, beaver, and mountain lion.

Also, I bought Maggie a little ruffle-butt swimsuit/diaper and we have been taking her swimming. She loves it! She will hold her head up and kick kick when her Daddy holds her on her tummy.

[Comments] (2) Maggie Pan's Flight: John thoughtfully bought me a ticket to bring Maggie to Utah during his busy time (and before our Disneyland passes are good again) so yesterday was Maggie's first airplane ride. She was really good. I was lucky enough to sit in the aisle seat on the first row next to two young girls who loved her. She napped the first 45 minutes, then played, then cried for about the last 20 minutes. Not bad. I even made it out to Grandma's car with the carseat, suitcase etc.

Last night the whole family came over for pizza (minus Brook who is out on a fire). Maggie got hogged. She found her Uncle Nathan quite intriguing, perhaps because he sounds a bit like her daddy! When I put her to bed I grabbed Boggle from the game closet and Jamie, Ashley, Erin and I played. Ashley beat me by 1 point; a good game!

Today I am taking Maggie to visit Tasha, a friend from BYU who has a little girl a bit younger. We are headed up to the BRAND NEW! cabin tonight with Tyler and Ember; Jamie's coming up later with the older boys and Erin will come up tomorrow.

Cabin Fever: We spent today up at the new cabin. It is wonderful! It is nicer than the house. I got my game fix for a while. We played Boggle, pool, Dance Dance Revolution, Pounce, and MadGab. Erin, Ember, Maggie and I went for a walk. Tyler and Jamie came too, but Tyler threw a fit and got taken back.

Maggie has been so good. She took her naps very well, even at the cabin with pool and video games going on. She's loved all the attention from her cousins and aunts.

Well, I'm Back: Maggie and I got home from Utah yesterday. One of John's mission companions is visiting. Last night we went out to an Indian restaurant. It turned out to be a bit fancier of a restaurant than we thought, but I managed to get Maggie to sleep (behave). We had a plan for the boys to go to Sunday School and me to go to Relief Society, but she didn't like Relief Society and I spent the time in the hallway anyway. After church we went for a walk on the beach. John is taking tomorrow off work and we are going to Disneyland.

I got to look at a few houses while I was in Utah, just to see some different areas and see what we can get in our price range. I am pretty happy with what I found.

: We started Maggie eating rice cereal yesterday. She loves it, but it is a bit slow for her rumbly tumbly. She's been ready for solids for a while, sitting up so early, opening her mouth wide and grabbing our food when we eat. Such a big girl. John also got out the bag of 6-9 month hand-me-downs since she'd grown out of half of her sleepers. There is a dinosaur sleeper from Tyler that is So Cute. I didn't want to take it off of her this morning.

We also think Maggie may have rolled onto her back last night, but neither of us saw her do it and she won't do it again.

: This afternoon I took Maggie for a walk on the beach. I waded alongside the ocean and got splashed. John came home early, but Maggie is asleep so we haven't done anything fun yet.

I've had to wash three of Maggie's onesies in the past 24 hours. She somehow managed to get poo all over the carpet and keep her white pants perfectly clean. Twice.

[Comments] (1) Slow Poke: Maggie has finally learned how to roll onto her back. No more of this "I'm on my tummy and I can't get off!" business. I've been bragging all I want about Maggie since I could say, "Oh, but she can't even roll onto her back yet." and make people feel better, but I guess I can't do that anymore. She is being a very good eater; she gulps down all the rice cereal her daddy will give her.

We went to the farm today. A couple of bulls mooed loudly in her face and she started crying. That's really the first time she's been scared of something (other than this one lady at church....)

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