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[Comments] (2) In Honor of Our 4th Anniversary: Let's talk about how great my husband is.

1. The very most wonderful thing about him (right now) is that he gets up with Maggie in the morning so that I can sleep in. She woke up so early today that she fell asleep again at 8:45.
2. He works super hard at his often frustrating and unappreciative job.
3. He is the world's most awesomest daddy.
4. He plans lots of fun outings for us.
5. He's put up with me for 4 years.
6. He's really cute!

We went to the fair last night with free tickets someone gave us (fairground neighbors get 20 free tickets for the noise, traffic and general bother.) We still had to pay to park, and we also bought corndogs and a funnel cake. We were there less than two hours. Maggie enjoyed the nice walk around and people watching and we enjoyed looking at the fine art. We are going out later this week for our anniversary sans Maggie as well.


Posted by Kristen at Wed Aug 01 2007 15:00

Happy Anniversary! I love getting babysitters.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Aug 02 2007 04:14

Happy anniversary!

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