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You Are So Beautiful: Having a baby is such a great conversation starter. People are always come up to us to talk to or about Maggie. We went to breakfast this morning and a lady came clear across the restaurant to see her. I think we had about 6 people come up to us at the farmer's market this week, and she is always making friends at Disneyland. So popular!

[Comments] (1) Crafty Mom: I have been scrapbooking a lot lately, during Maggie's naps and while she plays sweetly on the floor next to me. You can see the finished product in my scrapbooking gallery on the Coordinates Collections website (That's Jamie's website where I help run contests, etc on the Message Board; links at the top of my page).

Also, here is a dress I made for Maggie. This is the first real item of clothing I've made, and also the first new thing I've tried without Mom to call for advice. The plus side of not having Mom means that I do have her sewing machine, which makes life much easier. We went to the fabric store last Saturday so John could pick out the fabric I make the next dress out of. Maggie is going to be so cutely outfitted... when she grows into them. All the cute patterns were toddler-sized!


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