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[Comments] (1) By the Mark: Last night we went to Disneyland. There weren't a lot of people there. We got to see the abbreviated parade, went on a few rides and had a funnel cake. We went on the Mark Twain riverboat. John tells me (and wikipedia agrees) that the pen name of Mark Twain came from the riverboatman's cry, declaring a safe water depth. This made me feel better about the recording on the boat singing "mark twain". I thought it was some kind of tacky joke.

The first Tuesday of the month is free at the LA County Museum of Natural History, so I drove up and took Maggie today. I don't think I'll go next month. I still had to pay to park and the Dinosaur Hall is still under construction and Maggie wasn't too interested in things. It was nice to be out of the house in an air conditioned building though. They kicked me outside to eat my lunch, since I brought PB&J from home, but I found a nice shady place to sit on the North (cool) side and Maggie made friends with a little boy. Now she is finishing the nap she started in the car.


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