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(F)re(e)cycle-able: Today was stake conference and we didn't go. Instead we enjoyed some time together as a family, which has been rare these past couple of weeks. Last night we went out to Mexican food (on the firm). We woke up at 8:00 to gentle cooing sounds from Maggie's room as she played by herself in the crib. We had leftover pear walnut muffins for breakfast and did some going-through-stuff. We went for a really long walk at the lake, John took Maggie for a walk at the Back Bay and we went for a long walk around the neighborhood.

In other news, I used Freecycle for the first time today. I listed some plants, craft paints, really old electronics, our old comforter and a couple other things and got tons of responses. I'm amazed that someone would drive from Huntington Beach (CM doesn't have a group) to take my half-dead plants, but whatever. Add me to the freecycle fan list.

Lots to look forward to this week. John's busy season ends tomorrow (although another one starts next week), Tuesday is my birthday and he's hoping to take it off. Wednesday we fly to Utah, Thursday we are househunting, we get to spend lots of time with the fam and hopefully-cross-your-fingers will be buying a house. John will finally get what he wants for Christmas - Real Estate.


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