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[Comments] (1) Baby Shower: Wherein Beet more fully establishes herself in the world.

This weekend Pat and Shannon threw me a lovely shower in Bakersfield. All the girls in the family came, except for Tina who was very sick. Even Aunt Lou and Melissa drove down. Most everyone else was from 2nd ward. As I said, it was very lovely. We had the cutest (and yummiest) Pooh-decorated cake, and little pink chinese take-out containers for favors, and played non-cheesy games and had lunch and pink lemonade.

And I got to open presents! Beet got lots of winnie-the-pooh things (she doesn't know it yet, but she loves Pooh). John had fun putting her new bedding on the crib and hanging up the little mobile. He put Pooh and Tigger all cute in the crib, and hung the Pooh blankets on our blanket stand. I took pictures, maybe John will upload them for me!

We also got lots of fun little outfits and practical things. We actually have some (too big) diapers in the house now, and maybe enough clothes to keep her from being naked. Rachel bought us a chic diaper bag in a non-girly pattern. So basically Shannon and Pat spoiled me as much as possible, with some help from the ward and some friends.

Rachel had to work Saturday night, so John and I went and hung around the bookstore for an hour and a half. We bought a birthday present for Hannah. Then we spent quality time with the pathetic kitties - you would think Rachel never petted them. I only have four weeks of work left!


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