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Surprise!: I went with my department to lunch today, thinking it was to complain about things, but turns out it was cause they love me! This does explain why they insisted I pick the place and kept asking me what we were going to order...

Anyway, Maggie got some fun presents. Andrea bought her several adorable outfits, Cheryl got her a Winnie-the-Pooh plastic "book" that plays music and talks and a yellow duckie towel/clothes set ("you're having a girl?" she says), Annie and Victoria gave her a bouncer and a play mat for tummy time. Such fun toys, I can't wait to use them.

Last night Noelle and I went to an Enrichment activity to learn how to give boy haircuts. I learned some good techniques, but John likes his hair too short to use them. Beet was once again spoiled with two little outfits from a lady who can't make it to the shower tomorrow. I think pretty much all we need at this point is clothes. And diapers. And a baby.

Poor Rachel is home stranded today because her car is being fixed. I've talked to her three times, trying to help her find the crockpot, teaching her how to make tortillas, and lamenting the poorness of the tortilla turnout.


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