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[Comments] (3) : Recovering from the weekend. Maggie disdains any change in her schedule. We stayed home mostly yesterday, her sleeping and me packing. I've got to get rolling on the packing thing.

Aunt Pat sent a box of peaches home with us. I'm going my best to eat them all. We had peaches and vanilla bean ice cream for dessert last night. Maggie is helping too. She loves peaches. She is so cute sitting there holding her peach slice in her hand and trying to eat it. Alan suggested we get Great Uncle Garry to breed an "Autumn Handle" variety so she can hold on better!


Posted by Alyson at Wed Oct 10 2007 12:10

If you have a hard time finishing them off. . . here is an idea I used for my peaches from late August. I bought a case, and half of the case went to freezer jam. The other half I cut into slices (I guess I did take skins off first, but you don't have to), soaked in two cups of honey (sugar would be equally good), and let them macerate overnight. Then I froze them in quart sized Ziplocs. Low maintenance and great for cobbler. Ask Leonard, we used some peaches as a topping for coconut ice cream while he visited. I know you are moving soon, and most likely don't want to accumulate food. You could give them away!

Posted by Susie at Wed Oct 10 2007 12:53

I've made zippies of cobbler filling for the freezer before. I just need to get rid of them before we move. I already called Noelle to come and get some!

Posted by Rachel at Wed Oct 10 2007 16:52

I want some!!!

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