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Opportunity Costs: Ran some errands this morning. Maggie and I took the recycling. I got $1.35. I took Maggie out of her carseat and stood by the scale until they gave me a receipt. Hopefully, I won't have to do this again.

Afterwards, we went to the bank to deposit all the change from my piggy bank. When I was at BYU I used to take my piggy bank and the baggies of coins Leonard would give me at Christmas to the fake bank place in the bookstore. They'd dump it in a counter-sorter and put the amount on my card for printing and snacks. Apparently, real banks do not offer such a service. So I sat on the floor and rolled my coins while Maggie crawled around. I gave up when I realized I only have full rolls of pennies. Argh.

Also, John called and said he heard from the apartment complex (head office) about the nasty letter we sent. They are going to give us back the $90 we "paid" to refinish the countertops in our old apartment - cause you know I would never chop on the counter.


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