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[Comments] (3) Attainment: We have a sick baby at our house. She's been throwing up since last night. The doctor has not called me back, so apparently it is not life-threatening.

Other things Maggie has done today:
Pooped in the bathtub.
Crawled. Forward. ie. toward the pacifier. I was originally hoping Maggie wouldn't start crawling until after we moved so I wouldn't have to baby proof. She is so dang cute ambling along, though. I videotaped it and we almost cried watching it. *Proud Parent Moment*
Pulled herself to standing in her crib. The aforementioned doctor told me this would not happen until 9 months. Not! I moved the crib mattress down while John walked Maggie to sleep.

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Posted by John at Tue Oct 16 2007 20:44

We don't normally walk Mags to sleep but a sick baby is an exception.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Oct 17 2007 10:06

Poor sickie girl! I love when they can start to peek over to crib at you and you can just see their wide little eyes looking up at you. It's the cutest!

Posted by Rachel at Wed Oct 17 2007 13:20

just re-reading your 100 things about me. We have a lot in common! (going to bed now)

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