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[Comments] (5) Have Done/Am Doing/Will Do: 10 years ago: My 16th birthday. My first kiss. I was a junior in high school, surrounded by the teenage drama of everyday life.

5 years ago: My 21st birthday. I went with my roommates and some friends (including my future husband) to Ben & Jerry's to eat a Vermonster. Mom sent me 2 boxes of presents - 21 gifts wrapped in different paper. The box came a few days early so one of my art major roommates drew a Christmas tree, stuck it to the wall and put all my presents beneath it. It was my last year of college. I was working as a cook in the dorm cafeteria and vaguely wondering what to with my life after I graduated.

1 year ago: I was 4 months pregnant, just starting to feel great. We spent the weekend in Bakersfield helping Rachel re-acclimate to American life. I was working in Payroll and Accounting.

Right now: I've got a beautiful 7 month old baby girl asleep in the other room. We've just bought a house and are moving back to Utah. I get to stay home and be with Maggie and spend the day taking care of things around the house for our little family. I feel like this is what my whole life has been leading up to.

5 years from now: 5 years is kind of our next anticipated turning point. Between John's career and the anticipated growth in our family, we will probably have some changes coming at this time. I, however, hope to be doing basically the same thing I am doing now: taking care of my family.

10 years from now: I have no idea! I imagine I'll still be raising my little family, but the details really get fuzzy after 5 years. I have a lot of projects I'd like to work on and a lot of things I'd like to learn and do and see. 10 years from now I'll have made a dent in the list.

[Comments] (5) Guilty Party: I can't believe I am admitting this. Even to myself.

I have serious guilt issues getting rid of gifts and things people made for me. Especially mom. I know I do. I asked Mom to make me a "church" dress once. She made me a perfectly nice dress that doesn't fit me well and I don't like it. I don't like it!! It wasn't what I wanted. I've worn it maybe three times and it is still hanging in my closet.

Maybe I will feel better now. But I don't think I'll be getting rid of the dress.


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