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[Comments] (3) Housie Home: I will never be able to write an entry worthy of the past week's happenings so I won't try.

We've moved into our lovely house and gotten mostly settled. All our furniture, and a new dining set, two new rugs and a washer and dryer have all arrived and are in place. We're just waiting for the couches for the front room which we'll get on Sunday. Franco painted Maggie's room lavender and "my" "office" light green to match future babies' Pooh bedding.

The longer we're in the house the more crappy of a job we realize the previous owners did fixing up the place. They did most of the work themselves and it seems they were pretty lazy about it. Oh well. If everything was already just the way we wanted it, we wouldn't have any fun projects to look forward too.

Our neighborhood is great. There is an awesome park just a couple blocks away (awesome because it has swings!). There are also really two nice walking trails across the street and several other lame parks nearby. We live a bit up the mountain, on a steep street so the neighborhood is really hilly and it's a killer workout going around.

We're having a housewarming party the day after Thanksgiving so swing by if you're in town. Once we get everything put away (just a few more boxes - John is an awesome unpacker!) I'll post pictures of our beautiful new home.

[Comments] (1) Things I Love About Our House:
The kitchen. Lots of cupboards and counter space. A pantry. Great lighting. Hardwood floors. Big freezer and refrigerator. Lazy susie cupboard. New dishwasher.

Huge family and play room. My own office. A yard to play in. It's on a hill so it's good exercise to walk around the neighborhood. Park nearby. A new grocery store coming just 1 mile away. Awesome views of the mountains and the valley. A new temple coming just 3 miles away. Right by the freeway. Vaulted ceilings. Fenced with fancy white fencing. Lots of space. Room to grow. A garage. Recycling container (free). The bay window in our bedroom. My own laundry room. Ceiling fans.

[Comments] (2) : John is out of town for a training, so Maggie and I are trying not to be lonely. She went to bed right when we got home last night, so I finished two books and went to bed too. We both slept very well. Brook came by this morning to bring some of Ember's old toys, including and awesome little kitchen (cause we need more toys). Monday is Grandma June day, so we had IHOP for lunch. Maggie took a nap there, then woke up to a container of bananas and a good mood. I think she is starting to like having the family all around. She was pretty friendly to everyone today. Jamie gave me some stuff to do for her scrapbooking kits. Maggie is "napping" so I'm going to keep working on that, and unpack my office some more. My goal while John is gone is to unpack, clean, and take pictures of the house to share.

It's Beginning to Feel...: I got a surprising amount done today considering I wasn't home much. I woke Maggie up to feed her and she stayed up, so I got two loads of laundry, the dishes, the grocery shopping and some cleaning done in the morning. I even got a few of the pictures taken of the house.

We spent the afternoon at Gardner Village with Susan. I bought ornaments for Maggie and myself, both snowmen with babies. Indeed, I found a non-tacky Baby's First Christmas ornament. It is a s'more with a marshmallow snowman holding a baby marshmallow snowman. (They had a whole collection of s'more snowmen throughout the store.)

After Maggie showed off for Grandpa, we came home and I cleaned the bathrooms. Then we went to Brook and Erin's for dinner. I was smart this time and packed Maggie's PJs in the diaper bag. She crawled around playing with her cousins (and Jazzmine) and went comfily straight to the crib from sleeping in the car. Also, my garage door opener has stopped working.

John gets home tomorrow. I am also going to the Holbrook Girl's Night Out, at least until Maggie gets grumpy.

[Comments] (4) : You can see pictures of our house all set up here.

PS: Not all of the pictures show up on the first page, so click "Old Posts" to see them all. I had issues trying to get everything in one post so I gave up.

[Comments] (2) : Last night I finished rereading the Harry Potter series. It was very interesting and refreshing, but toward the end I found myself getting emotionally involved and considering the books often so I'm glad I'm done. I noticed a lot of things throughout that tied in with the rest of the story but I didn't notice until I knew the ending. I also noticed some things that I skipped over in my quick reading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (since I took a whole 5 days to read it this time).

I am really loving our new house. Now that we've picked apart everything that's wrong with it I can truly enjoy it. Also it is really nice to get back into our routine. We've met a few of our neighbors and ward members who are very nice. The ward seems pretty friendly and not as clique-y as I thought it would be. Maggie has been good at church lately too, which helps. She goes to Elder's Quorum with John.

Speaking of Maggie being good at church, she has suddenly started napping a lot less. Most of her naps this week were in the car or stroller. She napped over an hour in her carseat at Jamie's house on Friday. She is sleeping well at night, so I won't complain. I don't even mind, I just wish she'd said, "Mom, I'm going to start being weird about naps." She follows me around the house, playing with her toys in every room and climbing onto my lap if she can, but now that John is working again she is less clingy to me.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving this week, and also our open house on Friday. Even though we are keeping it simple I have a huge shopping list for the things I am making. It's all going to be delicious.

[Comments] (5) Ah, to be 89 again: Monday is the day to visit Grandma June. I went down when Maggie woke up from a very long nap and we took Grandma to the cemetery and to McDonald's to get a coke float to settle her stomach.

Maggie is taking another nap so I am setting up automatic bill payments and finishing the laundry. And showing off the snowmen decorations John and I made yesterday.

Today I: Spent $142 on groceries. Fed Maggie two entire containers of veggies for lunch. Did a load of laundry. Started a layout of wet Maggie pictures. Made a pair of babylegs using this pattern. Ate leftovers. Deposited three refund checks from canceled CA stuff. Listened to Christmas music. Got Maggie addicted to Gerber sweet potato puffs. Talked to my mother in-law twice. Unloaded the dishwasher. Used coupons. Put Maggie in her winter coat to walk to the mailbox. Browsed JoAnn and the Dollar Tree. Received a DVD (A Christmas Story), the first tangible thing I've received for doing online surveys. Watered the plants. Learned how to keep ribbon from fraying by melting the end with a match. Posted a contest on the CC forum. Dusted the ceiling fans. Enjoyed our view of the entire Salt Lake Valley. Picked up Maggie's toys in the front room. Joined the Salt Lake City network on Facebook. Got ready for our housewarming party. Played peek-a-boo. Snuggled.

[Comments] (1) Happy Thanks: We spent Thanksgiving at Grandma June's with John's family and his uncle's family. It was a lot of fun. We ate yummy food, then drove out to the farm to take family pictures. It was SO cold, we took pictures of both entire families and all the individual families in half an hour. Then we went back to Grandma's for pie. Aunt Michelle took pictures of all the kids with Grandma, printed them off and brought out foam Thanksgiving frames for them to glue and decorate. They loved it. We stopped by Jamie's on our way home for a while so we got home very late.

[Comments] (1) Happy Home: Last night was our Housewarming Party/Open House. It was a big success! Jon and Sharon came with their girls. Two couples from former wards with their babies. And John's entire family - we had a birthday party for Mom, Justin and Tyler after. Oh, and Erin's mom, Lynn, came too.

I made a cheeseball, fresh salsa, a veggie tray and penguins made out of cream cheese-stuffed olives. John made apple cider and pumpkin spice muffins (I made the cream cheese frosting). Everyone loved the food. It was fun to have our house filled with family. I like to pretend I can entertain, but I don't often get (or take) the chance, so this was really nice. We used crystal plates to eat and serve on, one of my punch bowls and one whole box of my punch cups (out of four).

Maggie actually conked out in her crib about 8:30 and slept through an hour and a half of chattering "white noise" from the kitchen. She slept pretty well last night. Today we did a bit of Christmas decorating. We're going to set up our mini-tree tomorrow and go next Saturday to buy a real tree. It's making me excited for Christmas and to see my siblings.

[Comments] (4) No Good, Horrible, Not So Bad Day: So Maggie slept a lot yesterday and felt warm to me when she woke up in the evening. Then she was up all night, whimpering in her bed, or lightly dozing on her daddy's chest. Have I not mentioned the awesomeness of my husband?? Anyway, I got up with her early this morning, same deal. I finally took her temperature and it was 101.9 so I called the doctor.

Went to the doctor at 2pm. Bump bump bump, why is the road so bumpy? Because there is a BOLT sticking out of my tire, that's why!! Called AAA from the doctor's office. Met the doctor. When the nurse said, "he'll be right in", he actually was. Yes, the good part of my day (which, despite all the terrible things I am writing about, was not really that bad) was that I really like Maggie's pediatrician. Maggie has a little ear infection. He had to dig a big piece of ear wax off her ear drum to discover this. She also has a plugged tear duct, super dry skin and a bad attitude.

The AAA guy called me in the middle of Maggie screaming at her ear being picked at. I waited inside while he changed the tire in the cold. Then I put my crying baby in the car and went to go to the store to get her prescription and I could not get the emergency brake off. Not kidding. I had to call the AAA guy to come back and take it off! I fed Maggie in the car while I waited (no wonder she was screaming...). Right.

We went to the store. I carried Maggie in her carrier because I've had enough of her sucking on the grocery cart and getting diseases. I saw a very nice lady from our ward at the store. The prescriptions took longer than my shopping because they had to call the pharmacy I went to in CA. When we left the store (behind the nice lady who was putting money in the SA bellringer's bucket), it was raining. By the time we got home it was snowing. And Maggie had peed through all her clothes.

Rachel says I am more well-balanced than she because all these things haven't affected me too badly. I actually thought, as I tried to yank a bolt out of my hissing tire, "at least I can wait for AAA while I am waiting for the doctor anyway." Better luck tomorrow. My backyard is getting frosty!

Cold, Cold: Maggie slept pretty well last night, in between actually going to sleep and John's alarm going off (he had to get to work pretty early today). I hope that means she is feeling better, especially since I have a bit of a sore throat.

It is a beautiful day outside, bright and sunny, even though it was snowing pretty heavily in places. We went to Discount Tire first thing to get the tire fixed. It took them about 10 minutes and they didn't charge anything. My kind of tire store. Then we shopping till Maggie dropped. We went to Target to get a fire extinguisher (can you believe they were out of kitchen fire extinguishers two days after Thanksgiving?), some stocking stuffers and some clothes for Maggie. Then we went to Babies R Us and bought more clothes and a Christmas present for Maggie.

When we got home I took pictures of our house covered in snow, and now I am eating a nice warm bowl of apple-cheddar soup.

: Maggie and I went down to Jamie's this afternoon so I could help with CC stuff. We meant to do it earlier this week, but all three of us were sick... I didn't actually get to help much, since I had a screaming baby clinging to me. Eventually Justin came home and entertained her so that I could help a little bit. At least I am good company, if not very useful!

Maggie just adores Justin and I think the feeling is mutual. She really likes all her cousins, but she and Justin have a little bond. Some of the adults try that hard to entertain her and she just doesn't buy it.

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