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[Comments] (1) Things I Love About Our House:
The kitchen. Lots of cupboards and counter space. A pantry. Great lighting. Hardwood floors. Big freezer and refrigerator. Lazy susie cupboard. New dishwasher.

Huge family and play room. My own office. A yard to play in. It's on a hill so it's good exercise to walk around the neighborhood. Park nearby. A new grocery store coming just 1 mile away. Awesome views of the mountains and the valley. A new temple coming just 3 miles away. Right by the freeway. Vaulted ceilings. Fenced with fancy white fencing. Lots of space. Room to grow. A garage. Recycling container (free). The bay window in our bedroom. My own laundry room. Ceiling fans.


Posted by Kristen at Sun Nov 11 2007 13:48

I can't imagine not having a laundry room with a newborn. Gunnar peed his clothes and blanket every time he needed a bum change that first three weeks. I don't know how it was getting out.

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