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[Comments] (2) : John is out of town for a training, so Maggie and I are trying not to be lonely. She went to bed right when we got home last night, so I finished two books and went to bed too. We both slept very well. Brook came by this morning to bring some of Ember's old toys, including and awesome little kitchen (cause we need more toys). Monday is Grandma June day, so we had IHOP for lunch. Maggie took a nap there, then woke up to a container of bananas and a good mood. I think she is starting to like having the family all around. She was pretty friendly to everyone today. Jamie gave me some stuff to do for her scrapbooking kits. Maggie is "napping" so I'm going to keep working on that, and unpack my office some more. My goal while John is gone is to unpack, clean, and take pictures of the house to share.


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