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It's Beginning to Feel...: I got a surprising amount done today considering I wasn't home much. I woke Maggie up to feed her and she stayed up, so I got two loads of laundry, the dishes, the grocery shopping and some cleaning done in the morning. I even got a few of the pictures taken of the house.

We spent the afternoon at Gardner Village with Susan. I bought ornaments for Maggie and myself, both snowmen with babies. Indeed, I found a non-tacky Baby's First Christmas ornament. It is a s'more with a marshmallow snowman holding a baby marshmallow snowman. (They had a whole collection of s'more snowmen throughout the store.)

After Maggie showed off for Grandpa, we came home and I cleaned the bathrooms. Then we went to Brook and Erin's for dinner. I was smart this time and packed Maggie's PJs in the diaper bag. She crawled around playing with her cousins (and Jazzmine) and went comfily straight to the crib from sleeping in the car. Also, my garage door opener has stopped working.

John gets home tomorrow. I am also going to the Holbrook Girl's Night Out, at least until Maggie gets grumpy.


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