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[Comments] (2) : Last night I finished rereading the Harry Potter series. It was very interesting and refreshing, but toward the end I found myself getting emotionally involved and considering the books often so I'm glad I'm done. I noticed a lot of things throughout that tied in with the rest of the story but I didn't notice until I knew the ending. I also noticed some things that I skipped over in my quick reading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (since I took a whole 5 days to read it this time).

I am really loving our new house. Now that we've picked apart everything that's wrong with it I can truly enjoy it. Also it is really nice to get back into our routine. We've met a few of our neighbors and ward members who are very nice. The ward seems pretty friendly and not as clique-y as I thought it would be. Maggie has been good at church lately too, which helps. She goes to Elder's Quorum with John.

Speaking of Maggie being good at church, she has suddenly started napping a lot less. Most of her naps this week were in the car or stroller. She napped over an hour in her carseat at Jamie's house on Friday. She is sleeping well at night, so I won't complain. I don't even mind, I just wish she'd said, "Mom, I'm going to start being weird about naps." She follows me around the house, playing with her toys in every room and climbing onto my lap if she can, but now that John is working again she is less clingy to me.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving this week, and also our open house on Friday. Even though we are keeping it simple I have a huge shopping list for the things I am making. It's all going to be delicious.


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