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Today I: Spent $142 on groceries. Fed Maggie two entire containers of veggies for lunch. Did a load of laundry. Started a layout of wet Maggie pictures. Made a pair of babylegs using this pattern. Ate leftovers. Deposited three refund checks from canceled CA stuff. Listened to Christmas music. Got Maggie addicted to Gerber sweet potato puffs. Talked to my mother in-law twice. Unloaded the dishwasher. Used coupons. Put Maggie in her winter coat to walk to the mailbox. Browsed JoAnn and the Dollar Tree. Received a DVD (A Christmas Story), the first tangible thing I've received for doing online surveys. Watered the plants. Learned how to keep ribbon from fraying by melting the end with a match. Posted a contest on the CC forum. Dusted the ceiling fans. Enjoyed our view of the entire Salt Lake Valley. Picked up Maggie's toys in the front room. Joined the Salt Lake City network on Facebook. Got ready for our housewarming party. Played peek-a-boo. Snuggled.


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