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[Comments] (1) Happy Home: Last night was our Housewarming Party/Open House. It was a big success! Jon and Sharon came with their girls. Two couples from former wards with their babies. And John's entire family - we had a birthday party for Mom, Justin and Tyler after. Oh, and Erin's mom, Lynn, came too.

I made a cheeseball, fresh salsa, a veggie tray and penguins made out of cream cheese-stuffed olives. John made apple cider and pumpkin spice muffins (I made the cream cheese frosting). Everyone loved the food. It was fun to have our house filled with family. I like to pretend I can entertain, but I don't often get (or take) the chance, so this was really nice. We used crystal plates to eat and serve on, one of my punch bowls and one whole box of my punch cups (out of four).

Maggie actually conked out in her crib about 8:30 and slept through an hour and a half of chattering "white noise" from the kitchen. She slept pretty well last night. Today we did a bit of Christmas decorating. We're going to set up our mini-tree tomorrow and go next Saturday to buy a real tree. It's making me excited for Christmas and to see my siblings.


Posted by Alyson at Sun Nov 25 2007 18:59

Now John is glad you have all those punch cups. ;)

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