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[Comments] (4) No Good, Horrible, Not So Bad Day: So Maggie slept a lot yesterday and felt warm to me when she woke up in the evening. Then she was up all night, whimpering in her bed, or lightly dozing on her daddy's chest. Have I not mentioned the awesomeness of my husband?? Anyway, I got up with her early this morning, same deal. I finally took her temperature and it was 101.9 so I called the doctor.

Went to the doctor at 2pm. Bump bump bump, why is the road so bumpy? Because there is a BOLT sticking out of my tire, that's why!! Called AAA from the doctor's office. Met the doctor. When the nurse said, "he'll be right in", he actually was. Yes, the good part of my day (which, despite all the terrible things I am writing about, was not really that bad) was that I really like Maggie's pediatrician. Maggie has a little ear infection. He had to dig a big piece of ear wax off her ear drum to discover this. She also has a plugged tear duct, super dry skin and a bad attitude.

The AAA guy called me in the middle of Maggie screaming at her ear being picked at. I waited inside while he changed the tire in the cold. Then I put my crying baby in the car and went to go to the store to get her prescription and I could not get the emergency brake off. Not kidding. I had to call the AAA guy to come back and take it off! I fed Maggie in the car while I waited (no wonder she was screaming...). Right.

We went to the store. I carried Maggie in her carrier because I've had enough of her sucking on the grocery cart and getting diseases. I saw a very nice lady from our ward at the store. The prescriptions took longer than my shopping because they had to call the pharmacy I went to in CA. When we left the store (behind the nice lady who was putting money in the SA bellringer's bucket), it was raining. By the time we got home it was snowing. And Maggie had peed through all her clothes.

Rachel says I am more well-balanced than she because all these things haven't affected me too badly. I actually thought, as I tried to yank a bolt out of my hissing tire, "at least I can wait for AAA while I am waiting for the doctor anyway." Better luck tomorrow. My backyard is getting frosty!


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