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Cold, Cold: Maggie slept pretty well last night, in between actually going to sleep and John's alarm going off (he had to get to work pretty early today). I hope that means she is feeling better, especially since I have a bit of a sore throat.

It is a beautiful day outside, bright and sunny, even though it was snowing pretty heavily in places. We went to Discount Tire first thing to get the tire fixed. It took them about 10 minutes and they didn't charge anything. My kind of tire store. Then we shopping till Maggie dropped. We went to Target to get a fire extinguisher (can you believe they were out of kitchen fire extinguishers two days after Thanksgiving?), some stocking stuffers and some clothes for Maggie. Then we went to Babies R Us and bought more clothes and a Christmas present for Maggie.

When we got home I took pictures of our house covered in snow, and now I am eating a nice warm bowl of apple-cheddar soup.


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