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[Comments] (3) Housie Home: I will never be able to write an entry worthy of the past week's happenings so I won't try.

We've moved into our lovely house and gotten mostly settled. All our furniture, and a new dining set, two new rugs and a washer and dryer have all arrived and are in place. We're just waiting for the couches for the front room which we'll get on Sunday. Franco painted Maggie's room lavender and "my" "office" light green to match future babies' Pooh bedding.

The longer we're in the house the more crappy of a job we realize the previous owners did fixing up the place. They did most of the work themselves and it seems they were pretty lazy about it. Oh well. If everything was already just the way we wanted it, we wouldn't have any fun projects to look forward too.

Our neighborhood is great. There is an awesome park just a couple blocks away (awesome because it has swings!). There are also really two nice walking trails across the street and several other lame parks nearby. We live a bit up the mountain, on a steep street so the neighborhood is really hilly and it's a killer workout going around.

We're having a housewarming party the day after Thanksgiving so swing by if you're in town. Once we get everything put away (just a few more boxes - John is an awesome unpacker!) I'll post pictures of our beautiful new home.


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