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[Comments] (6) Other Uses for Silicone Baking Cups: When Maggie is sitting in her highchair we give her kitchen stuff to play with, you know, so she'll start baking by her first birthday. She really loves to gnaw on my silicone baking cups. Must be good for teething.

I finally got rid of the boxes from our move this morning - finally because I got around to doing it, not because it took so long. I posted them on the U-haul box exchange website and a couple leaving BYU came to pick them up. I highly recommend anyone getting rid of boxes to use this website - reusing is even better than recycling.

In other reusing news, we picked up a fake Christmas tree from one of mom's elderly neighbors. John decorated it so beautifully with white lights and silver, gold and red ornaments. I added icicles from mom's house - the boxes were taped shut with medical tape. Other things we are putting up for the first time (since we moved at Christmas last year) are the felt advent calendar mom made and Grandma Rosie's ceramic Christmas tree. Maggie also likes playing with the stuffed nativity set.

Oh yes, also it snowed about 8 inches yesterday and we shoveled our driveway and learned to use the Pathfinder's 4wd. It gets very windy where we live. I've had to pick up trash from the yard (and also the trash cans). Right now the sun is out but the snow is blowing all over the place. I'm going to have to wash our kitchen windows.

Time Flies: Erin, Logan and Ember came over after church for a waffle dinner and to play with Maggie. We had lots of fun playing with the toys; Erin and Ember especially loved the Fisher Price camping trailer, and we also had fun talking about books/movies. I actually forgot that today is Dec 2 and we were supposed to put up two things on the advent calendar already! Logan and Ember each did one while they were here.

Also, I forgot to say that we went to the Festival of Trees with Tyler and Tasha on Friday. They have a baby just a few weeks younger than Maggie. It was fun. Collette is also a pacifier addict, but she like to chew on the handle while holding onto the nipple. I think it's funny that we are still friends with Tyler and Tasha - they were our neighbors when we were at BYU, but we've made an effort to see each other whenever we are in the same state (she is from CA).


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