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Yay and Nay: Huggies sent me a coupon for a free pack of diapers and two $1 off because I emailed them about the half a diaper in our box. Just in time since I just finished using all the coupons they sent me when I got a diaper with no tabs. I strongly recommend writing to the company when you have an issue with a product. I remember one of my roommates getting a free container of laundry detergent once too.

I also called Real Simple about never getting my December issue and they wouldn't do anything about it because my subscription is up in January! We had the same problem with the Ensign, but they didn't seem to have a problem sending me a new copy (they even sent December, although that one was forwarded right after I called).

One of my stay-at-home hobbies has been to do surveys online. I've gotten about $80, a DVD, a $25 gift card and a packet of taco seasoning since signing up in April. Today I (well, John) got a full-size bottle of shower gel to try. I thought it was just going to be a little sample.

Little Maggie: Maggie had a 9 month appointment today. Nine months in, nine months out. Her last appointment was at 5 1/2 months and she has gained... ONE POUND! And one inch. She is at 15% and 10% and practically shrinking. The doctor said she probably works it all off running around all day.

The doctor spent a lot of time discussing Maggie's eating and sleeping habits with me, which I appreciated. It was very reassuring. When we got home I let Maggie suck on a cheese stick and try her sippy cup again.

Playing Favorites: Maggie has gotten into the habit of carrying things around in her mouth while she crawls. She has a few favorite things she likes to bring with her. She likes the Cars Sheriff cereal box car, the rooster from the "antique" Fisher Price set, and any of her chewtoys with a ring on them. She reminds me of the dog with the keys on Pirates of the Caribbean sometimes.

[Comments] (3) Ask and You Shall Receive: I love wishlists. Brilliant, I tell you. And registries. If you know I'm going to buy you a gift, just tell me what you want. John is a very creative gift giver. He comes up with great ideas that are not only different and thoughtful, but something the recipient will actually enjoy and use. Just give me a list, and I will buy you want you want. People are getting what they want from me for Christmas this year. I have listened to the subtle and obvious hints, and read the wishlists. Even stocking stuffers (mostly) are things people really want! Go me.

UPDATE: Speaking of presents, I got another box from Leonard! The space under our tree is getting filled. Maggie and I went downstairs to wrap the presents from Leonard, one for Mom, and the white elephant for John's work party (an EY piggy bank filled with pennies). Well, Maggie mostly chewed on people's stocking stuffers. Sorry guys!


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