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[Comments] (1) Pretty Lightses: We drove up to Temple Square this evening. It was really cold and Maggie had to sit in her dirty diaper, but other than that it was great. There were nativities from all around the world, luminaries, floating lights in the reflection pool and, of course, different colored lights all in the trees. Maggie enjoyed the people watching more than the lights probably. We took a few pictures and they actually turned out pretty nice outside.

Earlier we went to Walmart and bought gifts for someone on the Angel Tree there. It was a lot of fun. We bought a coat, jeans, socks, a set of Barbie clothes, a pots and pans set and a play food set for a 6 year old girl. Hey, I guess we do have a tradition for our little family!

I made pesto for dinner using the food processor blender attachment I took from Mom's house. The reason I did not previously own a food processor is because I thought I'd only use it for pesto. I actually used it to make salsa for our open house a few weeks ago, but let me tell you, even if I only ever used it for pesto, it is worth it! I kept saying, "wow!" at how easy it was to make. It took me about 10 minutes from start to finish, and now we have several emergency meals for the freezer.


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