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Time Flies: Erin, Logan and Ember came over after church for a waffle dinner and to play with Maggie. We had lots of fun playing with the toys; Erin and Ember especially loved the Fisher Price camping trailer, and we also had fun talking about books/movies. I actually forgot that today is Dec 2 and we were supposed to put up two things on the advent calendar already! Logan and Ember each did one while they were here.

Also, I forgot to say that we went to the Festival of Trees with Tyler and Tasha on Friday. They have a baby just a few weeks younger than Maggie. It was fun. Collette is also a pacifier addict, but she like to chew on the handle while holding onto the nipple. I think it's funny that we are still friends with Tyler and Tasha - they were our neighbors when we were at BYU, but we've made an effort to see each other whenever we are in the same state (she is from CA).


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