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Like Mother, Like Sister: Maggie has really taken well to Rachel. Last night she even let Rachel set her on her lap, put her socks on, carry her around, and hold her while we sang some Christmas carols. Rachel fed Maggie her breakfast this morning too.

It is a snowy, comfy cozy day. I've been baking all morning. I made two batches of regular pretzels and one of whole wheat. I also made some pear walnut muffins for breakfast. John left for work in the Pathfinder, then came home 10 minutes later, and is working from home instead. The sun is peeking out now, but it was nasty last night and this morning, so I'm glad to have him safe at home.

We had an early Christmas with Rachel last night and this morning. She bought Maggie a train book/playset that reminds me of The Jolly Postman. We almost got Maggie to tug on the paper a bit. I got a lovely ceramic bell from Lviv, and John got a huge box of UK chocolates. We (including Leonard and Sumana) got Rachel loads of stuff from her wishlist. Such a spoiled girl.

I'd better go shovel the sidewalk and clean the floor. It is nice having people to watch Maggie so I can do stuff!


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