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[Comments] (1) Baby Jesus is on the Advent Calendar: A storm is blowing in and Leonard's plane is delayed an hour. The good news is, it's Christmas Eve! We've had exciting festivities the past few days. Rachel came for a short but nice visit. We exchanged gifts with her, and also let her open her stocking. Maggie had lots of fun playing with her Auntie Rachel.

Saturday morning was Grandma June's 90th birthday party. It was pretty nice, and I think she really enjoyed it. She has giant, old pictures of all of her grandchildren in her TV room. They took a new one of all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren who were present (the Chadwicks rather poorly represented).

Last night we had dinner with Maggie's Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Jamie. After a couple hours she warmed up to everyone and started crawling over to and voluntarily touching people! She even let Grandma pick her up without screaming.

Today we went to the grocery store. I am on a budget. But it doesn't start until January. We bought Maggie a cheaper brand of baby food, and also some stuff for me to make her some. She is starting to eat more table foods too, like bananas, cereal, and other fruits. She is growing more and more into a little girl and becoming less like a baby. I put her hair in pigtails (to try to combat the mullet effect...) for church yesterday. She was just so adorable! I love watching her actually play with some of her toys, or turning pages in a book. John brought home a logo-ed maraca from work which she loves playing with. Of course mostly she just likes to chew on stuff.


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