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[Comments] (2) Holiday Overload: I got lots of fun presents for Christmas. John bought us a family membership to the Hogle Zoo, some carbon monoxide detectors, and various things I picked out. Leonard and Sumana bought me some books and kitchen utensils and a huge box of Fran's chocolates. Rachel got me a ceramic bell to match the others. John's parents gave us a barbeque.

Maggie got some fun books, clothes and bathtoys. Leonard gave her $100 for her college fund inside a funny card. It was a comic with people being shocked and surprised at Baby Alive drinking and eating!!! Inside, Leonard wrote: To Maggie, of whom more is expected.

The best gift I gave was some running shoes I got a great deal on for John. I wrapped them and put them under the tree, hiding the black dress shoes we picked out for him a few weeks earlier. He was very surprised when he opened them. Unfortunately they are too small, so we'll have to try and exchange them.


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