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[Comments] (2) Holiday Overload: I got lots of fun presents for Christmas. John bought us a family membership to the Hogle Zoo, some carbon monoxide detectors, and various things I picked out. Leonard and Sumana bought me some books and kitchen utensils and a huge box of Fran's chocolates. Rachel got me a ceramic bell to match the others. John's parents gave us a barbeque.

Maggie got some fun books, clothes and bathtoys. Leonard gave her $100 for her college fund inside a funny card. It was a comic with people being shocked and surprised at Baby Alive drinking and eating!!! Inside, Leonard wrote: To Maggie, of whom more is expected.

The best gift I gave was some running shoes I got a great deal on for John. I wrapped them and put them under the tree, hiding the black dress shoes we picked out for him a few weeks earlier. He was very surprised when he opened them. Unfortunately they are too small, so we'll have to try and exchange them.


Posted by Mom at Thu Dec 27 2007 19:25

I like the new layout of the page. Must be that Leonard had something to do with that.

Posted by Susie at Fri Dec 28 2007 13:11

Yup, we rearranged!

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