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[Comments] (5) : A lady at work brought me (Beet) a present this morning. There weren't a lot of people at the coworker shower I had, but people keep bringing me presents at work. This lady was at the shower and is the third person to bring me another present. Are girl things that irresitable? Yesterday in Primary, Matthew was so thrilled to give me a present for the baby (his mom came to the shower). It was so cute to see him all excited about it.

We had a nice pre-Valentine's weekend. John was going to take me to dinner on Saturday, but brought home leftovers from work, so we got Blondies from Applebee's instead. Also went for a walk around the mall to look at shoes for him. If there hadn't been a huge line, I would have redeemed my free 1 pound box of See's John gave me.

Yesterday we had Diana and Josh (and Payton) over for dinner. They are moving to Utah this week. I made lemon-basil pork chops and aspargus with hollandaise and Parkerhouse rolls per Leonard (epitomy of deliciousness, although they took all morning). John and Payton got out piles of toys to be played with. Payton is a great age for most of the toys we have from Tyler.

My last week of work! I barely managed to get out of bed this morning, so I hope it goes by quickly.


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