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: My last day of work! I was very busy today, but things went well and I got most everything done. I bought a glider for our nursery online today, since I won't have internet for a while. I am excited! We like to go in Beet's room and look at her cute stuff, but there is nowhere to sit.

John has to work this weekend (and every other non-Sunday until the baby is born) so I am planning to rest up and do a little shopping and cleaning. Maybe I will even get started on the freezer-filling I plan to do in the next week or so. I am also working on a little present for Rachel's birthday - utilizing my fancy new scrapbook area (plywood propped up on nightstands in the baby's closet...).

It is weird to me that we have food in the fridge that expires after my baby is due! I hope she doesn't show up too late.


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