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[Comments] (1) : I came to the stripmall library by our house for some internet time. I have been trying to be very productive during my first few days off work, and yes, I have been taking lots of naps. Yesterday I went for a very long walk with a couple other girls in the ward. I also made pretzels for the freezer and pink-frosted sugar cookies for my Valentine. Today I am planning to make Jake cookie balls for the freezer.

I'm having better luck with mom's sewing machine today, so I am cranking out quilt pieces. I gave Noelle a lot of the fabric squares I had. I'm planning to make one more quilt, then get rid of the rest. Since mom's sewing machine is so much easier to use than mine, it is going quickly.

Here is an out-of-context Rachel quote for your enjoyment: "the kitty litter is fake ash. and the poo was the dust bunnies"


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