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[Comments] (1) : My contribution to society (the freezer) for today was a batch of Aunt Jeuney's basil pesto, requested by John. Pesto is good because it doesn't take up very much room, but you can get a lot of easy meals out of it. I neglected to put the cheese in, however, and had to scoop it out of the ice cube tray and back into the blender to fix it. Rachel says to blame the Beet. The freezer is pretty much full, but I am hoping to make 2 more batches of pizza dough and some curry sauce. I used the existing curry in the freezer to make dinner for John tonight.

We got the glider I ordered today. Apparently the delivery guy came while I was taking a nap, because when I woke up there was a giant box on the patio by the kitchen. I am not sure how he got it onto the patio, but as it is now pouring rain, I'm not complaining. I moved the box as far out of the rain as I could, and put a towel over it. That will have to do until John gets home.

I also got a package with awesome presents from Aunt Anne and Kristen. I am so thrilled! I know Leonard disapproves, but Kristen also sent me a pair of Lily's ruffle-butt tights.

Yesterday I sewed all morning and made all the 9-squares for the quilt I am working on. Except, and no one related to Aunt Margaret should ever say this, I don't have enough fabric. I need 19 more little squares. I'll have to take some back from Noelle, or buy a 1/4 yard remnant or something. I should be able to finish this before the baby comes!

I am going visit teaching in half an hour. I should wear real shoes, since it's raining, so I'd better start getting them on.


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